Vampy Doll

**biker chick

Vampy doll and I went to a biker themed party at a good friend and fellow doll owner’s place. They had beer and whiskey with some BBQ and wet tee shirt contests for the women. There were pool and dart tournaments and a good rock metal cover band for dancing.
There were couples making out in booths around the main room and tonight was orgies’ night. You could hear screams in the back rooms, even over the music.
I think they were stuck in the 80’s? That would explain why the lead singer had long blond tresses. Vampy doll looked a bit jealous when she saw him. I wasn’t sure she would ever forgive me for her present long black hair. But in my defense, it looked so cute with her outfit!
I entered vampy doll in the wet tee shirt contest. She is curvilicious afterall! I stayed to cheer her on. She got a ribbon for participation and a chance to return in a later contest.
Poor vampy doll was a bit sad. I hugged her and told her she was gorgeous. She bucked up, cuzz she believed I meant that.
We found a corner where another doll and owner joined us and spent some time with me petting her and playing with her hair. That usually calmed her and this night was no exception.
Finally the second contest began and vampy doll really hammed it up this time. She was so cute, and the audience saw what I saw when I first looked in her eyes.
And she won! I was grinning from ear to ear and vampy doll’s eyes were sparkling. She got a small medal and I got a gift certificate for a leatherworks shop. That was going to be so much fun to shop at. I wrote vampy doll’s name on the certificate, so I spent it on her. She did love leather afterall.
That was the climax of the night, so we went to an ice cream shop and had a treat, then headed home. Vampy doll wanted to tell the other dolls all about the night. And I wanted to take my boots off and put my feet up.
It was a fun night!

**steam punk

The circus was meant to be an homage to the victorian era, so we wore our steampunk outfits and prepared to have some fun.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a clown. One with great big red lips and just as red eyes. And a white face that covered whether the actor was actually white very well. This clown was a tumbler and did some hoop tricks as well. And he had some little poodles to help his shenanigans.

We went to the freak tent and saw the bearded lady, a couple sets of twins, the world’s smallest woman and people who were distorted in face or body. Anywhere else they would be pitied, but they put on quite an amusing show and few people would find laughing impossible.

We went to the science tent and saw the era’s idea of what was interesting and innovative. Now we’d see them more as mechanical than the wizardry of today. Steam was the theme of the day. And for some odd reason, so were mirrors. We were confused, till we looked into them and saw how we were distorted.

There was a war tent, where men scrappled with each other and they had a weapons cache. Can’t say it was my thing, but many found them interesting. I preferred the men wrestling to the weapons.

They had a tent where they had different people from different lands, dressed in their cultural dress. The spoils of war and poverty made the circus money. But they were still people, weren’t they?

There was a spirit tent. With tools of divination to look at and if you had money, you could get a reading or participate in a seance. We just watched.

In the big tent, they had a high wire act and some tumblers and dancers. In between, they had magicians do slight of hand tricks and some minor escapes. The high wire was the star of the night.

Our day was spoiled a bit, because vampy doll had her pocket picked. It’s a good thing it was her. They just got a few dollars for their trouble. She looked like she was about to cry, but I kissed her forehead and she calmed down immediately.

We filled up on treats like roasted nuts and popcorn. Neither of us were much into sweets, but we had a toffee apple for the chaser.

We were ready to go home and had seen all we wanted to. So we left the circus and made our way home.

It was a lovely day and we were glad we went.

** goth

We went to a party that was a celebration of Edgar Allan Poe. So we had a clam bake and ate a bean casserole with corn muffins and ended it with a chocolate chip cookie and ice cream, We ate quietly while a piano and harp entertained us with songs about the seashore and jaunty tales about pirates and fishermen. Then a fledgling actor read The Tell-Tale Heart.
We held a seance and talked to the witches that were executed by the pilgrims. There was a pervasive feeling of sadness and anger. It was really poignant for us.
It took some time to shake that off. We found ourselves discussing the seance throughout the night. Little clusters kept forming in the middle of the party. You could see the cloud over their heads. And no it wasn’t just our black clothes.
Finally, we heard a reading about Poe’s love for Lenore and it sent a different mood thru the group. That put us in more of a play mood.
It was time for more modern music and a dance for those who didn’t go into the side rooms to get their kink on. Appropos to the evening, the dance began with
Bauhaus and Joy Division. But I was thrilled when Cliff Richard’s Devil Woman came on. It made the night for me.

**sex kitten

Vampy doll wanted a chance to go out with a bang, while she still had human in her. So she asked to do a performance at the next party. I agreed, so she practiced for weeks and performed a few times for the dolls and I. She did a strip tease, but burlesque style. Flashes of body here and there.

i’m too sexy

Then she posed and pranced like a model at a high end charity fashion show. Her looks reminded me of a spoof movie on fashion and it was all I could do not to laugh. But she was taking it so seriously, I couldn’t hurt her feelings.

you sexy thing
When the night came, she was nervous. So she and I did some deep breathing together and I reminded her to focus on her telos.
She was so cute and the audience fell for her and made her blush with all the praise they gave her. I was so pleased it went well for her. And so were her sisters. I gave her a box of chocolates in celebration.

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