political/religious discussions & me

You might ask why I hardly EVER participate in political or religious discussions.

I am a libertarian.
I want the govt (if it exists at all) to focus on things like infrastructure and international goals like mediation between countries, the environment and int’l ethics in science and technology.
I want a safety net for the elderly, children and the frail. But not one that dehumanizes them. Not one that excludes them. And most definitely not one that institutionalizes them, except as a last resort. Besides, it cost a fortune to incarcerate.
I want a system of second chances when it comes to families, addicts and offenders. One that is more medical/therapeutic than imprisonment.
I am a complimentary or para-health worker. I don’t always agree with Western Medicine. It’s too pill and surgery focused. Most people can and should be managed with other choices and I advocate for that.
I’m an adult and I should be able to make my own life choices and still get community support, as long as I am not harming someone else by them.
I want harm more clearly defined.
I want consent more clearly defined.

I am an anarchist
I do NOT under ANY circumstances bow or pray to a symbol that pushes patriarchy on me or my daughter. That may be the church/temple or the state. I do NOT sing their songs, pray their prayers, respect their flags or other symbols. Some might find that offensive.
I do NOT follow the main “churches” of my country, so I expect them to tolerate or accept that I have as much freedom as they do to hold my beliefs dear.
I think Policing should be more social work than guardian or militant.

I am a pacifist
This means no disrespect to those who serve. But the military costs a freaking fortune and is a divisive system. It is also patriarchal. Women are finally getting a toe in…
I also am anti-weapon or anti-gun. If I were at the top power of the world, I’d destroy them all. There is no good reason why a citizen should have a hand gun or a multi-shot rifle. If they never hunt, why would they have any rifle at all? The only rifles that exist should be in the hands of police, military and hunters. I do NOT mean those who hunt game. I mean those who want to feed their family.
I think the military can be used for far better purpose than combative ones.

I am a panentheist
I do not belong to any church or temple. I believe in God. As the creator of the universe. Neither male nor female. But something beyond our understandingobviously. I do NOT push my beliefs on anyone and expect the same courtesy/tolerance.

I am a domme
But I did begin my bdsm study as a submissive. It was a bad fit. I never did learn to trust enough and the little I had was abused. Besides, though my childhood tried to instill that into me, it never took. I still love what I love and it’s bdsm. So I fulfilled my domme self by crossing the floor/slash.

It seems at times, people have difficulty understanding my POV. Or maybe they are so used to people who want to change them that they can’t grasp that I have no intention, other than to understand them. It’s why I majored in human arts . I have an insatiable curiousity. I love to hear people’s stories.

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