dear neighbour


[Emile Durkheim][]

[Marx & Engels][]


[Adam Smith][]

it isn’t just about the family in midwest USA or even next door to me in Ontario. Not anymore. It’s about the people around the world. It’s sharing the resources around the world, more fairly.
I know you fear for your own family as i do mine. The process of globalization is taking from the rich and trying to restructure to give to the poor. Like Robin Hood.
I know you want to be secure and financially sound…
So in that, where do you see the wars in other nations where children die everyday from malaria, polio, TB, malnutrition, unclean water… Why is it ok for them to die while the people in your nation who are so angry at the Democrats get everything they need?
Why is it ok for children in other nations to have to sell their organs for rich people who fed off the fatted cow once too often they got sick over it, when they were left to starve just to eat tonight?
When the western world gets obese to morbidity?
Do you not understand that this is killing both sides of this struggle/change?
Globalization hurts me and mine too, but seriously it’s past time. The people of the world are dying. Including your own loved ones.
I wish I’d said this before you voted.


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