at least trump understands trade

Whether it’s marketing;
or understanding that he can’t expect people with more democratic views to be his new best buddy if he runs around undoing the work they want done;
he will get that the G8 are his major allies and trade partners. So here are their ratings when surveyed on LGBT rights and attitudes.

In a global trade village, as it is today, you need to have a good will policy with your trade partners and the world.

[United Nations][]

G8 countries – [country – place on list]
[Canada – 3][] ,
[France – 8][] ,
[Germany- 2][] ,
[Italy – 7][] ,
[Japan – 15][]
[Russia – 25][]
[United Kingdom – 6][] [United States -13][]

IMO he will face censure min if not sanction if he takes back those won grounds. Even among Americans.

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