Trump Supporters

What do you want us to say about your decision?

I’ve actually seen more than one person saying things like we are at fault for blaming them that he’s the President-elect now. Um well yeah, it kind of is your fault. We sure as fuck did NOT vote for him.

So let me try this… Someone in power has made statements that threaten the happiness, health, psychological well being and relationships of people who feel disenfranchised enough as it is. People who get harassed, violated, beaten, raped and murdered every day. By people who have the same attitudes your elected rep espouse.

That makes them frightened. Do they not have that right?

In the threads I’ve responded to since the election, I’ve been trying to calm very upset people down, by saying Trump cannot act in isolation. That he has some hard realities facing him when he gets into office. Money being the biggest one. People will not allow him to go too far backwards. Not if he wants to see the nation he will swear to care for, serve and protect all or mostly get fed and clothed every day.

BUT all they hear is this newly elected president saying the same things they hear with their last breath. All they hear is a voice in power spreading the hate message, instead of seeing to it that they are as safe as any other citizen in their country.

And all they hear is that you elected him and somehow feel you are justifying it and claiming those who fear him and his actions are chicken littles.

Really? Is that really what you want to say to someone your actions have harmed? Um I’m thinking I’m sorry would be a better choice.


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