his liege pt 1

He was from the poorest village in the empire and had done nothing more toward fighting than stabbing bales and wrestling with his animals. So when he heard of the roust, he took some time to think before he struck out for the event. His family needed the money, and that alone was worth the effort. Even if he shamed himself. He had to try.
He saw her from far away. He had never seen his queen before.
The roust began.
He fought his way toward her. Fighting with her weakest champions first, then running thru the medium-ranked fighters and finally reaching the best of the best. He was allowed a break between each round, but by the top round he was getting tired. He needed a second wind. A motivation.
So he looked at her. Her majesty, his queen.
She was a stunning beauty. Very Celtic in looks and the jade gown she wore made her look so regal. When most women her age wore pastels, she wore jewel tones and metal colours. She was lithe, except for her womanly parts. A body made for rutting. Her eyes flashed around the fairgrounds and he knew she had a quicker wit than most said of her. He heard her laugh and knew he would spend the rest of his life trying to hear that sound, because he had said or done something funny. It was so cute.
So he gathered himself for the next fight and faced his next to last foe. He had noticed that they all seemed to be stumped by his raw fighting style. It was similar to a master at chess, meeting a newb over the board who was brilliant, but untrained in the game. Sometimes energy, passion and a quick head won the day. There was such a thing as being over-trained. You get so caught up in the rules, you lose the sense of game and strategy. So stuck in the protocol that you lose the flow, the dance, the rhythm. Imagination often won out over intelligence. But the trained call it beginner’s luck. When it might actually be them getting rigid.
So instead of picking up or mirroring their moves, he flourished his own further. On that day, he overheard many of his foes walking away, shaking their heads, and saying “What was that??” He was more a dervish than a fighter.
But this opponent and the next were the best. The commanders of the forces of her knights. They trained the others. No one had beat them before and they had no intention of letting anyone beat them any time soon.
And now he finally had her majesty’s attention. She was watching the fight. Both fighters brilliant in their own way. One raw and wild, one finished and well trained. Raw won. The crowd actually booed him? Well there was nothing he could do about that. He had to win for his family.
His queen smiled at him and frowned at her champion. “Perhaps you need some further training, sire?” He said “Yes, my lady” and walked away with his head down. His first loss ever! And by a rube no less!
Finally the master of the guards, the chief of the knights was before him.
The crowd had all gathered when they heard of the second’s loss.
While the master stretched a bit, he took a drink of water and watched the queen out of the corner of his eye. He wanted to see that smile again. It was so beautiful! Any man would love such a smile laid on him.
The master allowed him the first move as the guest.
Blow met blow. It took a long time for either to think beyond the game. Both wanted the conquest. One tired from fighting all day against technique he had no clue about. One tired from training his men and himself. His pride was on the line. None of his men had stood before this farmer for heaven’s sake! So he had to!! For the glory of the realm! For his queen!

her father pt 2

She was watching the crowd closely for any sign that the alarm had been raised. She had gotten so sick and tired of playing the dimwit role that pleased her father so much that she had put some poison in his morning tea. Plus there was her childhood. He was an abuser. She was pretty sure he had been a big factor in her mother’s death, whether or not it was considered a suicide.  She would have to fake grief.  But tears were tears, and relief just might bring them. Or “fond” memories of their time together.
She had sent the servants off to their chores in other parts of the castle and told the guards he wanted to sleep in as he sometimes did, and didn’t want to be disturbed.  Nothing new about that.

But what if the poison didn’t work?
What if a guard heard his death throes and checked on him?
So many people went thru the castle that she could not be sure her father would die, till  he was dead.
She looked everywhere and nowhere, till the ruffian caught her attention when he beat the second in command. She had to smile. So these fusses could be beat after all! Maybe it was a sign that all would be well?
In about an hour she could safely walk thru the castle to see if anyone had noticed  what she had done. That wouldn’t be outside her normal wanderings.
This roust sure was helping distract her while she waited. The crowd was a good reason for her to be looking about as she waited. It looked like she was people watching, and she was, but for nefarious reasons. Not curiousity.
Especially now that the master of her guards was actually having to work for his win, the roust was getting fun to watch. The win could not be assumed as his. She had known him all her life. She knew he was in love with her.  but nothing would ever come of that, if she had control over her own life.  And if her father died today, and she wasn’t found out, she would have that control.
The ruffian was a brute, but he was also a good looking man and strong. He was tiring some, but he still seemed to have some energy to burn. And now seemed  to have a second wind as well.  Whereas the master of the guards seemed deflated. She wondered if his pride was so big, he wouldn’t be able to handle and learn from the loss. His near future would be interesting to watch. She grinned. Just as the ruffian looked at her. He smiled back.
Hmmm interesting. He seemed to like her. So many women would enjoy a night in his arms.   Including her. 🙂

the magician pt 3

He knew she had a dark spirit, but like the other men around her, he underestimated her intelligence and ambition. He could kick himself for that! Now it might be too late to undo her damage. He found himself running thru the corridors of the castle trying to reach the queen’s father before the poison took his last breath. His dream foretold the queen’s effort to kill her father and he woke already running.
But for some reason, it was like he was stepping thru thick mud. Was he still asleep?
He tried to work his wand and it seemed like he was conducting an orchestra, rather then trying to use it for magic.
He poured some herbs into his hand and spoke the words of a protective incantation. The herbs just swirled around his hand, not headed toward the man who needed it.
The magician understood then, that whatever was going to happen today was fated. He said a quick prayer for the man’s soul and went out to the roust.  He wanted to see what the queen would do when she realized that he knew what she had done.
It’s not like he blamed her. There were many nights when he had dosed her father so the queen mother and her daughter would be safer.  So there would be no serious harm to them. But now, he understood that fear was a powerful base for hatred and he hadn’t done enough. He would carry this guilt to his grave with him.
Her father had hidden her intelligence in his care for her marriage potential for a treaty.  And so he could continue to be a queen maker. Nobody had trusted her decisions and they barely tolerated her.  Even though she was the queen.
Now she would have a chance to shine. He hoped. Should he try to cover up for her? Did she blame him as well as her father for not taking proper care of her?
He walked up  behind her and whispered, “my queen”…
She stiffened and turned to him.
He looked into her eyes and saw the recognition come into her eyes. She knew he was aware of what she had done.

master of the guards pt 4

He was crazy in love with the queen. His family had served in the castle for generations and he had grown up watching the princess and falling for her as she rose to her beauty.  He knew she was a hellion in her youth, but she seemed to have grown up recently.

Her  mother had died when she was a teenager, and her father decided to become a queen-maker more than a father. He felt kind of sorry for her.  She seemed different lately and barely spent any time with him these days.
Had he done something to offend her?
He set his mind to the fight ahead of him with the farmer and early on, he realized he would have to focus. The farmer did not fight in any way he was used to.  Such a dervish!  But he was used to speed and had a quick mind, so he kept up with the farmer. Smite for smite. Finally he had a challenge worthy of his mastery! He had grown up fighting with street urchins, so he began to use that style, rather than the trained one his guards had lost with. After today, he would have to teach them the counter-training fight styles. Not all their enemies would be excellent in martial arts.  Some could indeed be farmers storming the castle. His soldiers would be useless against a mob.  He hadn’t thought of that before. Luckily it hadn’t happened yet.
In the corner of his eye, he saw the magician approach his queen and startle her. He wondered why, because the magician and the queen hardly ever interacted. He knew the queen hated the magician. Though he had no idea why. Personally, he found the magician to be a good man. Quite a good friend too.  They often found their way to each other to have a good chat and a brew. But today, he had an expression on his face that the master had never seen him wear before.  And so did the queen for that matter. What on earth was going on?  He’d be sure to ask later.
At that point, he had to focus back on the fight with the farmer. He seemed to have found a new energy. Well that was unfortunate!

her full ascension pt 5

It was a perfect storm…

Her father, her abuser died with a whimper no one heard.
By her hand.
The entire guard was beaten by a ruffian at her roust, including the master of the guards.
She was there to see it and smile at the man.
She was there to frown at the master, and suggest he consider a new training program. She did manage to put her hand on his arm, after all they were known to be childhood friends. And he could save her life in the next hour.
The magician knew she had killed her father, but because he felt sorry for her, he might keep silent. Because he knew who she was, he understood.
And she met a man who finally attracted her…
She rose as a woman of her nature. Not like the other women here. But of her family line. Of her mother. Something only her mother could have told her happened, and in that second, she knew her mother would never have left her willingly. So she had avenged the wrong on her mother’s killer.
Scales formed on her spine, the back of her thighs, and the back of her arms. Thankfully she was wearing long sleeves! Her third eye opened and she saw the crowd around her as if thru a multi-hued lens. She had heard of auras before and had been schooled in their colours and meaning.  So she saw what people’s true intentions were and knew why her mother had said she was made to be the queen. No one could survive near her if they intended treachery.
She looked at the magician, and saw he knew as she did that she had come into her power and was now truly the queen. Ok her mother and the magician knew.  Her skin began to hum and since the magician knew what was happening, he grabbed her arm and dragged her behind the privacy screen. The crowd could not see this transformation. She would be stoned if they did.
Her breathing changed to a panting as her body responded to the change. She tried to strip, but the magician stopped her hands and held them. She hissed at him, but he gave her a warning look and even in the metamorphosis, she understood. If found nude she would end this day and her life. He could protect her as long as she was dressed during the change.
She realized the story that the royal line was an alien race was true. And she knew that the magician had a long story to tell her as soon as they were alone. She growled and he hushed her. But he would answer for this.  No one should have to go thru this unknowing that it was coming. Everything in her wanted to kill him at that moment, but she needed his answers and his protection. if she was to survive this day.
She felt the wave of pleasure next and her knees buckled.  The magician grabbed her and buried her face in his chest in case anyone entered. He could claim she was faint and had grabbed her to save her a fall. He felt the wall hit her and her tumble off the tip.  He couldn’t stop himself from grinning. How can you not?
Then the prickles and slashes began and it took seconds before his queen passed out in his arms. He laid her down on the couch until her spasms stopped and she was quiet. When she came around, he smiled and said “All is well, my queen.  Rest now, the matter is done.” She hissed at him again. How had he dared keep silent??

hippie chick

She was sitting there, head swaying, feet tapping, her hands almost doing the Hawaiian hula thing. But not quite. The band was good, so she just wanted to enjoy them. But out of the corner of her eye, she kept seeing the man looking at her. He was starting to intrude on her vibe.
She kicked off her sandals and curled her toes onto the lawn. He inched a bit closer , so she rubbed one foot on the other foot and leg. And he inched even closer.
She seemed to draw foot fetishists.
So she waved at him and motioned to the bushes. Where she could still hear the music and they could have some privacy. She didn’t think anyone else wanted to watch him suck her toes, any more than she would if it were another couple.
In the bushes, he proved what she had thought of him and sucked her toes for an hour. Finally, he had to leave and she went back to her previous spot.
Another band was on and she was more on a bounce and jive vibe with their music. Just grooving.
She clued into another guy checking her out. She ran a hand over her arm, up and down a few times. Whenever her hand got close to her breast, he lit up like a Christmas tree. Just as she thought, a boob man.
So she waved him into the bushes as well. He wanted to lay his head on her boobs and just stroke them over her caftan. She was cool with that for a bit, until he had to leave. And she returned to the music.
This band had a dance groove so she twirled and whirled, she twisted and jived. Only to see another man checking her out. She pulled her skirt tighter over her flanks and he practically swooned. Aha! An ass man. She waved him over to the bushes. He wanted to cuddle her and feel her buttocks for a while. She was game for that. When he was done, she went back to her original spot.
The final band was the best of the set. They always did it that way at festivals. She was doing her best steps and hip shakers. Showing them what her mama gave her. Then she noticed another man looking. She ran her hands thru her hair and he almost tripped in his hurry to get to her and say hello. She graciously said hello back and motioned him to sit with her. All he wanted to do was touch her hair. So she gave him a ribbon and let him braid it. He really spent time getting it gently un-tatted and gathered properly. Then he quietly left her.
The next day, there was an article in the paper that was supposed to be about the excellent festival and it’s turn out. Instead, they were describing four men who were last seen with this hippie chick and were found later with blue lips and no signs of life. She was the only thing in common at the festival and in their lives. The police wanted to talk to her, but even at a very small event in a small town, no one knew who she was.


He went behind the curtain to undress and do a whore’s wash. You know, the sweaty areas. Then he put on his night-shirt and cap and crawled under the sheets. He was pretty sure his wife would be wanting sex tonight. It was their usual night. Though she had been at that “only real women can vote” meeting tonight.
He truthfully didn’t know what to think about the voting issue. His friends were all up in arms and having feuds with their wives over the issue. But he had never really wanted to be anything but a house-husband. So he couldn’t see how having the right to vote would help him or change his life in any positive way. He also knew his wife would be really, really furious with him if he dared. And any way she was much smarter than he was. She usually just told him what to do. Decisions made his head hurt.
Then he heard the front door open and shut and her heels click on the tile floor in the foyer. He heard her come up the stairs and he tensed. Ok she must have had a wine or two. She was a bit hesitant, the way she was when half cut.
It seemed to take forever for her to enter the dark room and get ready for bed.
Finally she got between the sheets and he could feel her searching for the access hole. Yep, sex night.
He discretely helped her get into the strap on harness and he put lube in his rectum. He couldn’t take it without but she didn’t care. If he wanted lube, he had to do it himself. Quickly.
She entered his hole and immediately started pumping. And pumping. He yawned and waited for her to get it done. She wasn’t exactly inventive. Not that all his and her skirts and the sheets made invention that plausible. Or intriguing.
He wasn’t even hard yet and she was winding up for the finish. Between the lack of passion and the vote issue crawling thru his mind, he was double bored. Was this all life had to offer him? Cooking, cleaning, child rearing and sex in this way once a week? Only getting to lay on top of her when she wanted a baby again?
There! That was the moment he knew his decision. She was going to kill him…

reverse 1950s household

He was waiting on his knees when she opened the door. She smiled and winked at him as she put away her keys and briefcase. Then she motioned for him to lie prone. She wanted to see if he was ready for her attention. He seemed to be. He was nude of course, and had her favourite jeweled butt plug inserted. He was also groomed. She snapped her fingers and he came to his knees again. He was wearing her favourite little maid’s apron. The one with the pink ribbons shot thru the lace.
She put his leash thru his leather collar and he followed her into the kitchen. On his knees.
He whimpered, so she gave him a sign that he could speak. “Mistress, your dinner is in the warming oven. I have prepared your favourite, chicken parmesana and asparagus. There is a pear compote for dessert. Just as you like. Shall I pour your wine?”
She nodded and sat at the table, waiting to be served. She smiled as he poured the wine and gave her her plate. He was getting so good at this service.
He stood at her elbow until she tasted the food and wine. Again, she nodded her approval. Then she motioned to him to sit on the stool beside her. He had a smaller table and she snapped her fingers so he would know he could begin eating his gruel.
They quietly ate their meal as she read the day’s paper and hummed and smiled as appropriate to what she read. She so loved this moment of peace.
When he was done eating, he rinsed the dishes and stacked them in the sink. He knew she hated a lot of clattering when she was trying to relax, so he just got them ready to wash later.
They moved to the sitting room and he turned on some music. She put her feet up on the couch and he covered her with a shawl. Then he sat on the floor beside her. She ran her fingers thru his hair and he put his head in her lap as she liked him to do.
He heard her breathing change as she became more and more relaxed.
After a little while, she said. “I’m going out to the bar for a few drinks. Don’t wait up.”
She got up and left. He hung his head for a moment. He’d been hoping for more time with her. But she needed the social time with her friends. He knew she worked way too hard.
He went to the kitchen and washed and dried the dishes and cleaned up. Then he showered and went to bed. He dozed till he heard the house door slam and her giggling as she bumped into the foyer table.
Oh dear, she was drunk. He went to help her before she hurt herself. She tried to slap him away from her in pride, but almost fell. So she let him help her to the toilet and then bed. He put aspirin and a glass of water on her bedside table.
When he got into bed, she grabbed his crotch and started feeling him up. Hmm she must have gin panties. He reached for her strap on and helped her into the harness. Then he removed the butt plug and inserted some lube for her.
She slowly penetrated his hole and started to rock, faster and faster. All he was allowed to do was hold himself in position.
When she was done, she pulled out and rolled over, falling asleep right away. He went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then returned to the bed and laid beside her. There was a tear on his cheek as he dozed again. When she went out drinking, she could be really selfish! But at least she wasn’t feeling combative tonight. Tonight he could go to sleep without any bruises.