Rage Boi

He was so sexy! The rough and ready kind she really got hot over. But more. It took a bit for her to put her finger on it. Then she cued in. He wasn’t assertive, like she had thought at first. He was angry. Everyone was challenging him, according to him. Everything was a test, a trial, a risk. He was always “on”. Do you know what I mean?
He was always a going concern too. She had no idea!! how he could do as much as he did in a day. And in a night. OMG He tired her out! If he was a woman, she’d call him a nympho. She actually had a friend who worked in a lab check his pee for drugs. She wanted to know what she was dealing with. But nope, no drugs. At least nothing known to the lab. And they did a lot of work for the police, so the lab would have known.
She talked to his parents when she met them. They said he had always been high energy, even as a baby.
He didn’t expect anyone to be like him though, and he seemed kind enough, so she started taking her vitamins and going to the gym to keep up with him better. He sweetly told her she was beautiful and didn’t need to work out. She smiled and said she wanted to amp up her energy, not lose weight. So he started helping train her. And their sex life improved exponentially.
He never actually took over for her, but he was always pushing her and her limits. Finding ways for her to improve, succeed or excel. So she made him proud. He waited for her lead, then supported her to do better. For her own sake. And he set a pace she had to be on her “A” game to keep up with.
But that was just with her. With others, he was ready to rumble. And it made her really uncomfortable. Too many men took him up on it. And she was starting to worry that she’d need money for a lawyer and bail soon. That was when they were done in her opinion. It just wasn’t who she wanted in a partner.
So she sat down with him and told him how she felt.
He was so upset and bent over backwards trying to get her to change her mind. But she said that a break was necessary at least. If he could show her that he was working on it, she’d reconsider.
He just shook his head and packed to go.

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