He never wanted to meet her friends or family. He refused to go out for meals, partly due to his anxiety and partly due to his reading or work. He was always in the middle of something. Something that just could not wait. She honestly wondered why he tolerated her in his life. Well she had made all the moves. And she was almost as much of a neat-freak as he was. So he barely had to redo stuff she did. Which meant he could focus more on his reading and work.
He rarely ever slept more than 5 hours, made meals that took less than 1/2 hour to make and eat. It wasn’t for ethical or health reasons that when he made a meal, they were vegan. It was that he didn’t want to get food poisoning. Most were stir fry, sandwich, salad or stew. He used a food processor for the chopping. Now and then she talked him into a crock pot roast. All he had to do was add a few herbs and spices. But she had to call and remind him to begin the prep and put it in the crock pot.
He computer-commuted to save time. His bills were all on auto-pay services and all his pay was direct-deposited into his accounts. He even got his groceries delivered. He did NOT go out for coffee or tea.
You have to wonder how she met him?
She was the owner of a restaurant on his block. He walked briskly for half an hour twice a day to oxygenate his brain. She had been exiting her place when he walked by and struck up a chat with him. Mind you she did do most of the talking. And she started making herself available when he took his walks. She figured he must like her since he kept walking that way. She practically had to stalk him to get him to let her in. She made herself a nuisance, but only when he was taking a break from work or books. She fit into his windows. She made him at ease. She never asked him to put the stuff down. She knew he would evict her.
At night, he meditated for half an hour to reduce his brain noise so he could sleep. He mentioned that when they were walking and she basically invited herself up when the next night arrived.
Then she offered another way for him to quiet his mind and get some blood to his brain…You guessed it. Well he had been masturbating before. So she found out after a while. She did have to teach him some technique, but he was eager and inventive. Definitely most of the battle. He was also fit, so he could endure.
He might be a bit OCD and boring for her tastes. But after her past boyfriends, it was a pleasant change.

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