You know this guy, I’m sure?
He has never been without a gf since he left his mama’s house. Not so much because he’s a lady’s man or even that he’s hot. It’s more due to the fact that he needs to eat every few hours; get his bed changed; the apt needs to be cleaned; the laundry needs to get done; he hates masturbating, so he needs a cocksucker and cumdump. That kind of thing. (His mama would be so proud…NOT!!)
She fetches his slippers and makes his sandwiches. She runs out for smokes and beer he forgot to get on his way home. She calls his friends to invite them over for poker or football nights. Makes food and serves the group. Then she disappears, only to be right there when he calls “Hey stupid cunt” or “fuckin’ whore get over here will ya”
Wait, she has needs??? Not if she wants to stay with him she doesn’t!! Yeah well buddy you aren’t married and never had a relationship longer than a few weeks. Um, buy a clue would ya?
When current girl is starting to get uppity, he starts stepping out with next girl to be sure he gets his list done, without a lag. Pffft.
Seriously does she feed him too? I mean spoon by spoon? Does she wipe his butt and shake his cock after he pees? Or does she hand him a urinal so he doesn’t even have to roll over, let alone take a step or stand up. You’d think…He slaps around his gf if she gets uppity too. In an NC kind of “corrective” way. Her daddy shoulda spanked her more when she was coming up. Must have been a weak man!
She can hold a job for pocket money or go to school, but nothing that interferes with his schedule or needs. He aint havin’ none of that shit!!

He has “real men’s work”. Construction, trades, guilds, mechanics, transport, … And he won’t work under an uppity woman. He won’t even work with a woman. Fucking bitches don’t know their place!

He won’t vote for a woman. He’d rather abstain than vote against a conservative party though. So he’ll even vote Christian Heritage rather than a liberal party or for a woman. But he hasn’t gone into a church since that morning when a woman read from the Bible. From behind the pulpit!! He got up and walked out!! She wasn’t wearing a covering either! Didn’t she have any modesty before God, in God’s house??

And when his bareback fucking gets a git knocked up, he throws her whatever he has in his wallet and throws her out, screaming about knowing her cycle or some such shit. He quits his job and does the midnight address shuffle so she can’t chase him down. He warns his buddies that he has a crazy stalker chick after him.

His pass-times are “real men’s play” like football, poker, pool,wrestling, boxing, hockey… Nothing girly like dancing. And no son of his will ever!! Presuming he claims one??

He’s the kind of treasure that makes you believe in birth-control… Mama should have swallowed.

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