She was getting so frustrated with him! He just could not seem to get from point A to B without getting into trouble or having an accident. And the young chits were always chasing after him as well. Ok so he was cute! FFS! That didn’t mean he was a scratching post for the local pussies! And even if they didn’t know better, why didn’t he?? He knew he was in a relationship, yet if they asked, he seemed to think like it was RUDE to say no.
He couldn’t hold down a job; couldn’t finish the chores she gave him so he was at least pulling his weight and keeping out of trouble; couldn’t manage money to save his life, and she swore he didn’t know how to tie his shoes on the right foot.
He had no clue about direction; didn’t remember names of streets to the point where she seriously considered putting a GPS tracker on him like a runaway dog!
He didn’t seem to have a clue what clothes he should wear and for what or what season either!
So at her whits end, she took him to the doctor. I mean there had to be something wrong, am I right?? But nope, doc said he was fine. So she had him assessed by a psychologist. Ok so he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer, but the PHD said he was fine. Able to make his own decisions. OMG if only he would!!
Fine then! She sent him to a domme friend of hers… Her friend said there aint no way in HELL she was keeping a dudemar like him!
She found a trainer for him. If he showed up at ALL, he was refusing to do the exercises or spending more time flirting than trying to work with the trainer. The gym was kind of glad to have eye candy that attracted the ladies, but they got sick of tripping over him! I mean, wouldn’t you??
But every time she got fed up enough to turf him out the door, he came home with flowers and gave her a back or foot rub. Such a sweet man-child. It was like he could read her. So she’d try again…
She considered getting him a chaperon! Despite the assessments, she wasn’t all that sure he had a brain between his ears. Or maybe he was a good actor? She’d seen women who could pull that off. So why not a man?
He wasn’t mean. She’d seen him with kids, animals and old people and he was so sweet.
So how was she supposed to take this?
The only thing that kept him in her life (though she insisted they use condoms!) was that he was an incredible pussy–licker!! I mean you put up with a LOT for that, right ladies??
But GEESH!!! Was this his savant skill?

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