The Ladies’ Guild

Guilds were and are associations of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town. The earliest types of guild were formed as confraternities of tradesmen. They were organized in a manner something between a professional association, trade union, a cartel, and a secret society.…

the story I wrote

She kept her head down as she sewed till her fingers bled. The needle flashed thru the linens and silks of the undergarments. Each piece meant more for her children so she worked hard, as did her friends.
It wasn’t the only reason though that they kept their heads down.
Their boss was a pig. Every time he caught them looking up in his direction, he considered it to be flirting. So he would come over and rub against their back and hips with his front.
They were getting sick of it, so they had hatched a plan. It was dangerous, but they were hedging their bets on him not wanting it known by his wife.
After work, they met at one of the worker’s houses. She was a widow, so no one would interrupt them. They often went there to study their dark arts together. Today though, they wanted to plan his take down. He would pay for this.
The next day, one of the ladies took the hit for the team. She went up to ask him a question and cringed as he kept rubbing her hip and arm. Two other women came up behind him, very quietly and grabbed his wrists, then tied them together.
For a couple heartbeats, he was stunned. Then he grinned and said, ” I had no idea you girls were so debauched.”
They tied him to the table and unfastened his pants. He thought he was going to have a very happy time and his face showed his excitement. Until he saw the knife. “Oh now! What’s going on here?”
Now it was their turn to smile, a few giggled.
They used his body as an altar. They poured chicken blood and guts over him. They lit wax candles and made sure to spill the hot wax on his bared body. He would have burns he might have to explain to his wife, if they were still intimate. And they pulled out a dead suckling pig. He looked at it like he had just seen a macabre show at the theater.
“What is that for??”
“You want to use a piece of meat, don’t you? Well the pig’s flesh is most similar to human flesh.”
They rubbed it over his genitals and he was upset that he was getting excited. It didn’t take long for his orgasm and there were tears in his eyes as he shot his load. The ladies kept rubbing till he had another. Then they stood around him and laughed and mocked him. He obviously wasn’t well used to such stimulation, so he had no way of stopping the spasms.
He was very embarrassed. They let him loose and he went running for the washroom. They could hear him vomiting in the sink.
They waited till he returned and pushed him around a bit. Then they made it clear that if he continued his behaviour, the next time, they would let a demon take his body. He actually believed them. He ran out of the building, All they could do was laugh. Then they sobered up for a moment…well it was the time for this superstition.

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