Ms Cave Woman’s Rules

Her husband had been acting like a brat lately. And she was getting sick and tired of it. Her arm had started spasming from hitting him so often with her club. And whenever she hit him, he was lazy for two days afterwards, claiming he was too sore to work.
He tried getting out of work too, with his wily masculine ways. But she was on to him. Things were going to change around here, she grunted. She was pretty sure he smirked, but he would soon see.
He had been spending too much money lately, so she sent him out with enough pelts and stones for dinner. He came back with half of what she had asked for. So he had the pleasure of sitting there while she gobbled it all up. She asked what he bought and he finally showed her. It was a useless trifle, and she asked if it was worth going hungry. He sniffled and shook his head. Next time he’d know. Things were changing.
That happened a few times, till it dawned on him that she meant it now, She noticed that the new budget was working and was pleased. So she gave him a pelt for a treat. He grinned, he was so thrilled with himself.
His parents sent word that they were coming to visit. She thought about it for a while, then sent word back that he didn’t deserve company these days, They had not taught their son enough skills to be a good husband and she was fed up with it now. They could visit when he checked his attitude and was showing improvement.
His parents came anyway, thinking there was some error. His mother had quite a row with her when they weren’t let inside the cave. Finally, she dragged his mother around and showed her the conditions he left his children, her grand babies in. His mother’s face was so red with shame and anger, she thought her mother-in-law was going to have a stroke.
His parents left after giving her husband a stern lecture and his mother hit him several times with her club. Her husband was so embarrassed. And frankly, quite sore too. His mother had a lot of strength for an older woman.
The children were starting to take a certain tone with her, and she blamed their father’s attitude. So she made sure they saw what his attitude earned him. Every infraction of tone and respect got his ear pulled or his shin kicked. He started to behave. And the kids’ eyes grew larger. But they got the lesson without her once laying hands on them. She started to smile again.
The kids were getting older, so her husband asked about getting a part-time job. She said she wanted them to have one more child first. And he needed more training first. She wasn’t sending a brat out into the world.
She put some potent herbs into his mash that night and rolled onto him to get things started. When he didn’t perform right away, she stuck a finger inside until he was ready to spew, then rode him to victory. Several weeks of this and his winging at being used in such a manner, and they had results.
Her husband wandered around the house in a funk.
She looked around the cave and it dawned on her that it was a bit small, so she went out looking for a new one. After a few days, she found one that was uninhabited and packed the kids up. Her husband protested, but she said he could come or he wouldn’t be able to see his kids again. So he shuffled behind them to the new cave.
Soon after they had moved to the new cave, she caught her son hitting his sister. She took him aside and told him that wasn’t his place. Then she beat his father because he hadn’t raised his son right. She told him she wished he had remained behind after all. Her husband apologized and promised it would never happen again. But that wasn’t enough. She sent word to his mother who came to see her son and beat him herself. She howled at him too. Guilting him about how she had raised him better than that and he was shaming her and his father. His father was in bed with a malaise over how his son had turned out.
Finally her husband got the point that he couldn’t be a brat anymore. Now and then it was cute, if he followed the rules and did all his chores. But never again would her club rest (or his mother’s) if he didn’t behave.
He had to be a responsible husband and father, whatever else he wanted. It took awhile, but he came around and their new cave was quite happy by the time the new baby was born. She allowed his parents to visit so they could meet their new grandchild.

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