the magician pt 3

He knew she had a dark spirit, but like the other men around her, he underestimated her intelligence and ambition. He could kick himself for that! Now it might be too late to undo her damage. He found himself running thru the corridors of the castle trying to reach the queen’s father before the poison took his last breath. His dream foretold the queen’s effort to kill her father and he woke already running.
But for some reason, it was like he was stepping thru thick mud. Was he still asleep?
He tried to work his wand and it seemed like he was conducting an orchestra, rather then trying to use it for magic.
He poured some herbs into his hand and spoke the words of a protective incantation. The herbs just swirled around his hand, not headed toward the man who needed it.
The magician understood then, that whatever was going to happen today was fated. He said a quick prayer for the man’s soul and went out to the roust.  He wanted to see what the queen would do when she realized that he knew what she had done.
It’s not like he blamed her. There were many nights when he had dosed her father so the queen mother and her daughter would be safer.  So there would be no serious harm to them. But now, he understood that fear was a powerful base for hatred and he hadn’t done enough. He would carry this guilt to his grave with him.
Her father had hidden her intelligence in his care for her marriage potential for a treaty.  And so he could continue to be a queen maker. Nobody had trusted her decisions and they barely tolerated her.  Even though she was the queen.
Now she would have a chance to shine. He hoped. Should he try to cover up for her? Did she blame him as well as her father for not taking proper care of her?
He walked up  behind her and whispered, “my queen”…
She stiffened and turned to him.
He looked into her eyes and saw the recognition come into her eyes. She knew he was aware of what she had done.

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