her father pt 2

She was watching the crowd closely for any sign that the alarm had been raised. She had gotten so sick and tired of playing the dimwit role that pleased her father so much that she had put some poison in his morning tea. Plus there was her childhood. He was an abuser. She was pretty sure he had been a big factor in her mother’s death, whether or not it was considered a suicide.  She would have to fake grief.  But tears were tears, and relief just might bring them. Or “fond” memories of their time together.
She had sent the servants off to their chores in other parts of the castle and told the guards he wanted to sleep in as he sometimes did, and didn’t want to be disturbed.  Nothing new about that.

But what if the poison didn’t work?
What if a guard heard his death throes and checked on him?
So many people went thru the castle that she could not be sure her father would die, till  he was dead.
She looked everywhere and nowhere, till the ruffian caught her attention when he beat the second in command. She had to smile. So these fusses could be beat after all! Maybe it was a sign that all would be well?
In about an hour she could safely walk thru the castle to see if anyone had noticed  what she had done. That wouldn’t be outside her normal wanderings.
This roust sure was helping distract her while she waited. The crowd was a good reason for her to be looking about as she waited. It looked like she was people watching, and she was, but for nefarious reasons. Not curiousity.
Especially now that the master of her guards was actually having to work for his win, the roust was getting fun to watch. The win could not be assumed as his. She had known him all her life. She knew he was in love with her.  but nothing would ever come of that, if she had control over her own life.  And if her father died today, and she wasn’t found out, she would have that control.
The ruffian was a brute, but he was also a good looking man and strong. He was tiring some, but he still seemed to have some energy to burn. And now seemed  to have a second wind as well.  Whereas the master of the guards seemed deflated. She wondered if his pride was so big, he wouldn’t be able to handle and learn from the loss. His near future would be interesting to watch. She grinned. Just as the ruffian looked at her. He smiled back.
Hmmm interesting. He seemed to like her. So many women would enjoy a night in his arms.   Including her. 🙂

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