He went behind the curtain to undress and do a whore’s wash. You know, the sweaty areas. Then he put on his night-shirt and cap and crawled under the sheets. He was pretty sure his wife would be wanting sex tonight. It was their usual night. Though she had been at that “only real women can vote” meeting tonight.
He truthfully didn’t know what to think about the voting issue. His friends were all up in arms and having feuds with their wives over the issue. But he had never really wanted to be anything but a house-husband. So he couldn’t see how having the right to vote would help him or change his life in any positive way. He also knew his wife would be really, really furious with him if he dared. And any way she was much smarter than he was. She usually just told him what to do. Decisions made his head hurt.
Then he heard the front door open and shut and her heels click on the tile floor in the foyer. He heard her come up the stairs and he tensed. Ok she must have had a wine or two. She was a bit hesitant, the way she was when half cut.
It seemed to take forever for her to enter the dark room and get ready for bed.
Finally she got between the sheets and he could feel her searching for the access hole. Yep, sex night.
He discretely helped her get into the strap on harness and he put lube in his rectum. He couldn’t take it without but she didn’t care. If he wanted lube, he had to do it himself. Quickly.
She entered his hole and immediately started pumping. And pumping. He yawned and waited for her to get it done. She wasn’t exactly inventive. Not that all his and her skirts and the sheets made invention that plausible. Or intriguing.
He wasn’t even hard yet and she was winding up for the finish. Between the lack of passion and the vote issue crawling thru his mind, he was double bored. Was this all life had to offer him? Cooking, cleaning, child rearing and sex in this way once a week? Only getting to lay on top of her when she wanted a baby again?
There! That was the moment he knew his decision. She was going to kill him…

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