reverse 1950s household

He was waiting on his knees when she opened the door. She smiled and winked at him as she put away her keys and briefcase. Then she motioned for him to lie prone. She wanted to see if he was ready for her attention. He seemed to be. He was nude of course, and had her favourite jeweled butt plug inserted. He was also groomed. She snapped her fingers and he came to his knees again. He was wearing her favourite little maid’s apron. The one with the pink ribbons shot thru the lace.
She put his leash thru his leather collar and he followed her into the kitchen. On his knees.
He whimpered, so she gave him a sign that he could speak. “Mistress, your dinner is in the warming oven. I have prepared your favourite, chicken parmesana and asparagus. There is a pear compote for dessert. Just as you like. Shall I pour your wine?”
She nodded and sat at the table, waiting to be served. She smiled as he poured the wine and gave her her plate. He was getting so good at this service.
He stood at her elbow until she tasted the food and wine. Again, she nodded her approval. Then she motioned to him to sit on the stool beside her. He had a smaller table and she snapped her fingers so he would know he could begin eating his gruel.
They quietly ate their meal as she read the day’s paper and hummed and smiled as appropriate to what she read. She so loved this moment of peace.
When he was done eating, he rinsed the dishes and stacked them in the sink. He knew she hated a lot of clattering when she was trying to relax, so he just got them ready to wash later.
They moved to the sitting room and he turned on some music. She put her feet up on the couch and he covered her with a shawl. Then he sat on the floor beside her. She ran her fingers thru his hair and he put his head in her lap as she liked him to do.
He heard her breathing change as she became more and more relaxed.
After a little while, she said. “I’m going out to the bar for a few drinks. Don’t wait up.”
She got up and left. He hung his head for a moment. He’d been hoping for more time with her. But she needed the social time with her friends. He knew she worked way too hard.
He went to the kitchen and washed and dried the dishes and cleaned up. Then he showered and went to bed. He dozed till he heard the house door slam and her giggling as she bumped into the foyer table.
Oh dear, she was drunk. He went to help her before she hurt herself. She tried to slap him away from her in pride, but almost fell. So she let him help her to the toilet and then bed. He put aspirin and a glass of water on her bedside table.
When he got into bed, she grabbed his crotch and started feeling him up. Hmm she must have gin panties. He reached for her strap on and helped her into the harness. Then he removed the butt plug and inserted some lube for her.
She slowly penetrated his hole and started to rock, faster and faster. All he was allowed to do was hold himself in position.
When she was done, she pulled out and rolled over, falling asleep right away. He went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then returned to the bed and laid beside her. There was a tear on his cheek as he dozed again. When she went out drinking, she could be really selfish! But at least she wasn’t feeling combative tonight. Tonight he could go to sleep without any bruises.

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