the he magnet

Somehow love has become an excuse, a justification for getting away with things just because he asks you to. Or he did something and now he deserves what you do in return.
Do you have any idea how many women in prisons and forensic hospitals on court remand begin their story with “WELL HE!!”

He was abusive…
so I killed him.
I abused his kids
I killed his kids
I did what he asked so he’d stop hurting me for a bit.
So I robbed a bank.
I kidnapped kids for him to harm.
I drove the get away car.
I ran the game
I sold myself so we could eat

He was charming…
So I wanted to please him.
I stripped
I slept with his friends
I whored
I raped and murdered my sister for him
I watched while he raped my kids
or joined him in the rape
I beat the kids cuzz they took his eyes off me
all so I could keep him.

He was so sexy…
I killed a woman cuzz she was coming on to him
I took drugs
I sold drugs

and here I am now, incarcerated!

WAIT!! WTF?? When do women actually begin to think enough is enough??

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