The biggest building contained the dream of her career.
She had been heading toward the life she always wanted. Would have made more money than all of her enemies put together. That’s why they were jealous. All of their “concerns” began when she seemed to really be succeeding. Climbing the ladders of academia better, stronger than anyone else of the group had. It got harder for them to claim she was so stupid and lazy as she got closer to wearing a gown. So they pulled the building down.

The next one was for her family and friends.
Every time they saw her gaining love and acceptance, they sent out the demons to tear these things down. How could she succeed when they had told her all her life that she was unlovable? No one would ever ever like her that much.

The next was her reputation.
They kept saying she was a black sheep and a ne’er-do-well. They started that song and dance when she was actually an innocent kid. The only people who believed them were their own delusional selves. Till they brought down her buildings all at once. There was the proof, they cried out. She can’t keep anything!

Next came her sobriety.
She barely looked at the party life, barely self medicated. But they poked and prodded, till she was inches away from using again just so they could say she was the one with the addictions. Not them.

Next came her safety and her health.
She could barely move, yet they refused her succor. They refused her proper care. They lied till nobody would come near her and she almost died. More than once.

Next came her self concept.
She thought she was one of them. Till she learned the truth. Then she understood why they hated her so. No matter what they tried, she wouldn’t become their clone. She couldn’t after all.

They tried to storm the fortresses of her body and her mind. They were so up inside her business, it was incestuous. It was like she was the one masturbating.

Finally she saw the necropolis they had created from her dreams and goals.
Instead of proving their claims that she was crazy as a whistle blower should be seen, she just looked around and walked away. And those near by finally got the point. These people were sure willing to go a long long way!

When the truth was known, she crawled into a corner well away from their touch to heal.

Then she came back one last time to raze all the new growth and show them all just what the rage they claimed she had really looked like. And she took them down in a hellfire never before seen. At the last second, she smiled so bright. She had become a demon of their creation. But they’d be joining her in the devil’s domain.

At that moment they realized, none of this had to be. And they screamed! For all of eternity.


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