just a nasty piece of work

She invested so much in her role as the victim, but not many people believed her. It just didn’t add up…

There was the way that their marriage came to be. She blackmailed her dad into signing for the marriage when she was 17.
When her sisters told her that her husband was diddling them, she refused to believe them. She kept asking/insisting that her sisters babysit even though it was unsafe for them to be near him.
When siblings fought black and blue, she always sided with the one who started it and/or was most violent.
When she divorced her husband, it wasn’t because he was a child abusing freak, it was because she was bruised in ego. He embarrassed her in front of visitors and she walked out.
In the papers she served him, she said she was abused, but she left her minor kids with him.
She said it was all about her kids, but in the divorce, she took half of the equity of the house and their univ education away from them.
She and her mom lived kitty corner around the marital home, one at each entrance, so they could monitor the ex. But she didn’t even try for custody. I mean that would intrude on her dating now, wouldn’t it?
She signed up for several dating services, supposedly for a new husband, but couldn’t keep her legs closed. She got a name for herself and wife wasn’t it.
She stalked a guy who she was convinced would make the perfect new husband and tried her best to wreck his engagement.
She took some courses at the same time as her sister, and turned what could have been a bonding experience into a nightmare by gossiping about her sister. She was part of the reason her sister lost custody of her child. Well she did look good on paper, so she was believed.
Now does that sound like a victim?

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