Meeting of Minds (Two People Consent)

(what I wrote about consent previously was more about the ability of one person to give meaningful/mature consent.)

But as we know, unless you are masturbating, there are at least two people in the room. Two people who have to go from one speaking Greek and the other speaking Russian to finding a language and story in common so they can have sex together. We’ll use English.

“Meeting of the Minds” can get you married and it can get your marriage annulled too, so it’s a phrase many people know.

So… person A wants to hook up and person B is looking for a relationship. A wants that some day but maybe not with B. Nope, they aren’t looking for the same thing. Will they have sex? Probably… B is an eternal optimist and thinks sex is the way in to getting what they want. Manipulation? Kind of yep. But legal. Will B regret the sex if A goes on their merry way after sex? Probably. Even if a fun time was had by all. A won’t, but might be a bit sad that B’s fee fees were hurt.

And… Person A is vanilla, person B is a kinky bastid. Person A is thrilled with some cuddles and might tolerate a sore bum, and some toys, but what’s that you have behind your back B? A whip? Ok that’s a bit too intense and A goes screaming off into the night. B is left looking startled and wondering why A agreed to a sore bum if they didn’t mean it?

Or… Person A and Person B are on the same side of the slash but think the other is super hot and want to bump uglies in the worst way. But like Adam and Lilith, they were juggling for the top position. And getting frustrated and cross with each other. Or waiting for the other person to make the first move and sitting there in their goo getting nowhere.

Then… Neither person A or B is very experienced, but they seem to want the same thing they saw in a porn video they watched together. So they try. Elbows and knees knock. B gets a muscle spasm in their back and A starts to shriek at a certain point because they have a flashback. B has no clue what they did wrong. Nothing, but they think they did.

Vs… Person A reads voraciously about all things kink but hasn’t really done much. Person B has experience up the wazoo, and says they will teach A all they know. Ok maybe, but B goes off book and A starts to panic. Now that B cannot deal with so just pushes thru thinking they are teaching A for the next time. For future enjoyment. Not so much. 😛

And… we finish with all the meaningful variances and subsets of sexual behaviour .

Gee wouldn’t it be easier just to masturbate?? (Hell yes!!) Would it surprise you that no one in these scenarios had consensual sex?

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