she led the cows to their doom

She used her hand to feed them a treat, and give them meds. She stroked them with the same hand she used to brand them. She led them into their stalls for food and a night’s rest as well as to milk them. By hand or machine. She led them by ramp on the truck that took them to the vet or to move them over to the other farm. It was as easy for her to do these things as it was to put them in the chute at the stock market to sell them so they’d never see her again. Though she had been more their mother than their actual mother was. And they didn’t know their dad.And it was as easy to put them in the chute for the butcher as it was for her to put them in their stall and walk away.
You would think she was cold and callous, and had no feelings, but that wasn’t so. It’s just the way she looked at cows. She was never mean to them and always saw to their care and comfort. She read up on all the latest theories of how cows viewed the world so she could take good care of them. So she could understand their needs. She even showed them her concern and affection.
She built a cow cradle to de-stress them so they were happy cattle on her farm everyday. She was very considerate.
But when the time came for her to sell or kill the cow it was done. That’s the way a farmer does it all. It is what it is after all. She was raising meat on a hoof, for your dinner table tonight. And after all these are the same beasts that produce so many farts, they contribute to the green house effect. You know, that thing that might kill us all? That’s it kill all the cows! lol just kidding!


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