bond types

This is a note for my **she vs beast** series)

**imprinting** –
when baby recognizes what their own species looks like and they are one of them. When they attach to their same species caregiver, in most species, it’s mom. Early hours after birth

**bonding** –
when baby attaches to the person/beast that spends the most time with them. Gives them food, fluids, teaches them things, gives them affection, makes them feel safe and valued. Early childhood/
**fragile bonds** – usually a result of injury, illness, or life trauma (abuse, neglect) esp in the early childhood

**narcissistic and dependent bonds** –
fragile, incomplete, easily broken bonds to self and other.

**schizophrenic bonds** –
attachments to people who are not immediate family or frequent carers and odd behaviours associated with any attachment

**socializing** – domestication
when baby is taught by emotive cues and repetition what makes their caretaker happy or upset. When they start to link these with their behaviour, vs feeling confused or upset. When they start to adjust their behaviour based on that input.

**testing boundaries** –
when baby, child learns the rules by pushing the edges of the caretaker’s patience with them.

**maturation** –
when baby, child starts to learn what is expected and follows these guides

**individuation** –
when child shows they have learned the rules, but have gone their own way after thinking things thru

** feral** –
unable to attach or socialize to others.


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