Dear Teacher

Don’t know if you remember me? But I had a wicked crush on you when I was at college. I went back as a mature student, so we were just a few years apart. You were a shaggy blond, like you just dragged yourself out of bed, and had drop dead blue eyes. Even as tall as I am, I could wear my tallest, hooker heels beside you and feel dainty,
You might have been interested, but then again,,, You might just have been the touchy feely type. I guess I’ll never know. But every time you sat by me, you touched my leg or pressed your leg against mine. I almost melted as what I wanted to happen next ran thru my head.
What I wanted to do to you was wrap our long legs together and fuck like animals. Scratch your back up so bad, you’d need stitches. Bite your neck, chest and shoulders till you looked like an animal had mauled you. And slap your ass meat as we rode each other to orgasm.
Then I wanted to roll you over and ride you with a strap on, with a finger in to massage your prostate too. Till you didn’t know when one orgasm ended and the next began.
To this day, I can’t think of you without giggles and blushes. I wonder, do you ever think of me?


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