Dear Roomies

We were far away from home and in a place new to us. So much demanded and it seemed like no one cared about us. So over time, we bonded to the point we were one. One of mind, one of spirit and as healthy energetic people often do, we took it a step too far. Our bond became one of body too. We were taking our moods out on each other. If it was fear, we clung to each other. If it was loneliness, we comforted each other. Et cetera.  And it became more than friendship. Probably never would have been more than casual acquaintances, if we had been home and felt safe…At no  other time in our life did either of us develop such a relationship.

It could have been that we were trying so hard to keep it secret. But I often wondered if other roommates were engaged in such activities. I did see things that made me smile now and then. I hope so for their sakes. It was a really great experience.

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