Dear Guard

I thought you were one of the good guys when we met, till one day I saw you in the door way of the room where I was raped and assaulted as initiation to the half-way house. I know I did the crime, but really, is rape a way to reform me? And aren’t you supposed to keep us from becoming animals there? You certainly make a show of believing that, when visitors come to the house. Whether it’s families or bigwigs and inspectors.
Do you remember what happened? Because I do! I’ll never  forget it.
I was ambushed as I entered the hall and shoved into the conference room. Someone had to have a key, cuzz it was after business hours. All the admn had gone home. I was held down and my clothes were stripped off me with a box cutter. Each of my house mates took their turn, like they were apes after a female in heat. I just zoned in and  out. Looking at you, all the time.
And after that, whenever you made a “reformation is key here” speech, I just looked at you till you looked back. Not once did you show that you got what I was saying to you with my stares.  I was calling you a liar.

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