Dear Camp Counselor

You taught me so much about who I am and where I should and could go from here. I was so innocent about what survival takes and you showed me. You put the tools of life and death in my hands and coached me in their good use.  Then you helped me master myself, so I could handle them and be safe. You sent me out for a vision quest, I thought. Then came after me and seduced me with your charms and experience.  I was in awe of you.  And I couldn’t believe you were into me. I wanted so much to please you. And just when I thought I had, you showed me exactly what I meant to you. I was a convenient hole, not even a human. It was the harshest lesson I had ever been taught. I should probably thank you for pulling the veil off my eyes, but please, excuse me if I don’t. At that moment, all I could do was hate you  so.


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