Stalking Boitoy

Domina took off to the woods where she was pretty sure boitoy had gone. She saw his favourite flowers around the border of trees and was sure they would draw him that way. She was right, thankfully for her, She followed the broken branches and saw naked foot prints that were about boitoy’s size. Finally, she saw him ahead in the next break in the trees. She watched as he sat and had one of the energy bars and a drink. Then she called out to him. He startled and took off running. Domina knew he could run faster, so she thought out her strategy, instead of running after him. She knew there was a small stream not far ahead, so she headed directly there, instead of following his meandering trail. She found a place to hide, where she could grab him if he came down to the stream. Before she sought that shelter though, she put a few nooses on the ground where he was likely to approach the stream. Then she hid and waited for the scream he would give when one of the nooses caught him up. It didn’t take long at all… She had her rabbit in the snare.


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