Hunting Boitoys

Some of Domina’s friends wanted to hunt their bois, so Domina called a friend and arranged to take them all out to his farm. It had a small pond and a couple copses of trees as well as having fields of corn. The farmer kept the animals inside the barn, so they didn’t get upset by the antics of the strange people. Last thing you want is a cow who won’t give milk due to a scare. The farmer had also put a trailer by the pond so they could have a resting place. The closest houses and other buildings were at least an acre away. So the ladies were quite pleased with their privacy. Even if they had just had the corn fields, they would have done ok, but that extra assurance was nice. For the moments they didn’t want binoculars or telescopes tracking them.
The ladies took some blow dart guns for the hunt. Yes, they did want to draw blood as a sign of the “kill” so they made that choice.
When they got to the farm, the bois were stripped down and given a pack of fruit, energy bars and a fairly large water thermos with ice in the bottom chamber. Just in case they happened to stay free and safe.
The ladies went into the trailer and gave the bois 10 minutes to get to the trees. Meanwhile, they had a glass of wine and a friendly chat. It had been a while since they had last met together. It seemed to take a moment yet forever for the 10 minutes to be up.
Just before the hunt began, the Domina told her friends to be cautious as there were snakes and rats in the corn. She had forgotten to tell the bois, so they each texted their boi. Hopefully they had reached them in time. Before you ask, nope none of them returned to the trailer and no lady opted out. For city folk they were pretty sturdy souls.
Domina blew her whistle and the hunt was on.


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