Breeding Boitoy

Domina tied each of boitoy’s four limbs and left a lead between each of them. Then hung a rope between each of the leads.
She pulled boitoy back to the trailer and claimed the victory, when she saw that she was first to capture her boi. She spent the rest of the day grinning. After all she was very competitive. She and the farmer had arranged a surprise for the winner and she had hoped she would get to use it.
Domina showed the ladies to the small shack and gave them a chance to look over the cow milking machine the farmer had set up. Four leads went to a can-like looking thingy where the milk was stored. The farmer had also left an electric cattle prod and a horse’s mouth bit and harness. The ladies helped her to rig boitoy up. Domina had brought a vibrating anal plug to stimulate boi while he was milked. He was looking worried and not sure if he wanted to do this at all. But he trusted Domina and wanted to please her. So he nodded when she asked if it was ok.
And the milking began…
(end of boitoy series šŸ™‚ )


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