Boitoy’s Ordered Adventures

Domina sent boitoy out into the world to open up his sexual experiences. He had come to her so innocent it made her teeth ache at the thought of debauching with him. What she asked of him wasn’t so outrageous, but fun and to broaden his experiences a bit. To see what he enjoyed out of the tasks she set. Plus she wanted to see if he would obey her.

The first thing she asked him to do was find a woman who liked out door or risk of getting caught sex. He put an ad on fetlife and found such a woman. Of course he had to prove the event, so they took selfies.
They found a quiet corner in a park a few times, under bushes and under a picnic table. It was long after dark, so you need not worry about kiddies being shocked. He was strong enough to lift the woman up and start the banging on the table. But they heard people, so continued underneath.
They found a factory that was on third shift and he drove her mad with his tongue to the sound of factory whistles and lines running. They were hanging out the side door of his van.They were barely done when the lunch truck pulled into the lot.
They went to a drive in theater and had sex in the back seat of her car.
They found a waiting room at the local hospital (again on the third shift) and used the screened off area for families who need a bit of privacy to process grief or shock. They held hands as he banged her against the table and the wall. Just as they were dressed and heading out of the room, the security guard came by. He gave them a weird look and suggested boitoy check his zipper.
He went over to her boyfriend’s house with her and had sex with her in the bathroom while her boyfriend was entertaining a friend in the kitchen. He had snuck in while the woman was in the shower. So they had shower sex and carpet mat on the floor sex too. Kinda gross, but yeah, they were in the zone.
They found an apartment fire escape and he sat on a step and she sat on his lap to seduce him. This one was broad daylight, but the staircase had turns. So the only people who would have seen them would have to have been on the stairs. It was a huge building…so maybe, could have? But didn’t.
They went to a mall and she gave him a blowjob in the delivery lane. Then they found a closed store, where the men who were renovating it between tenants had left the door unlocked while they went on a lunch break. They were grinding each other on the floor and really ready for sex when they heard the men return. So they ran out the emergency door.

Domina asked him to do some group scenes. So he placed another ad and found another guy and two women so they could play together. Domina insisted that he experience bisexuality. So they crawled all over each other and poked the holes that were close to each other. When they were beginning, they played a few hands of strip poker to get warmed up and used to each other.
The guys also did a burlesque routine in the women’s lingerie, when they needed a downtime to rejuvenate.
The other guy was into bondage, so he tied up everyone else and they tickled, teased and spanked each other. It wasn’t really for pain or control, but to experience the sensual and bound aspects. It was a lot of fun for boitoy. He was starting to get why Domina had wanted him to do this.

Domina arranged for a CFnm party and had him serve the tea. The ladies were frisky with him, but it never actually turned into sex. Just lots of rubbing everything but his penis.

Domina sent him to a boxing ring and had him spar with a few of the amateurs. He realized that it was a gay gym, so he kept getting non-boxing contact and they gave in to their excitement and had sex on the mats. Sweaty, bruised and totally wild sex.

Finally, Domina arranged with a friend of hers for boitoy to be a dungeon prostitute. He was there to be had by anyone who wanted him. He was tied up to the equipment and used as they saw fit. So some flogging and sex was had. He wasn’t overly impressed with this, so he made it a short night. Well now he knew. He wasn’t a pain slut. I mean now and then was cool, but this night was too much. He was glad to know though.

The best part for him though, was when he and Domina went thru the pix and he told the stories. It turned them both on and they had incredible sex. Well worth whatever small emotional upset the events had cost him. He just might like these adventures and want to do them again.


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