The attendant

She laid out the beautiful lingerie first for her lady. Smoothing out the creases and straightening the lines. Imagining what she herself would look like in them. Wondering how her lover would look at her in such garb.
Until her lady arrived. Then things got busy.
She assisted the lady by douching her genitals and giving her an enema. It would never do for “spontaneous” sex to be ruined by sights of fecal matter. She would be fired.
She helped her lady to bathe, moisturize and remove her body hair. She enjoyed this intimacy with her lady. It was theirs alone, when so much of her lady’s life and body belonged to the world.
Next came the face and body make up. Rubbing in the coverup and foundation then blush in areas the photographer wanted highlighted. Accenting the lady’s best features to the colours of the back drop, and costumes.
A small amount of lubricant was placed in the vagina and anus. Not enough to leak but enough to help when the sexual activity began.
Finally she was ready to be dressed!
Each piece was lovingly attached to her lady’s body. The panties, the bra, the stockings and finally the abusive corset. Her lady was waist training. Not that she really needed it. At the end, the photographer had to see her to determine if she was ready for shooting. Of course, she was. She would never shame herself or her lady.
Her lady was put into a dressing gown and they went to sit in the waiting area till they were called to the set. That was how most of their day was spent. Getting ready, waiting, then being placed in lewd positions for the still shots. They tried to get the actual motive sex scenes in as few shots as possible. The film and crew were expensive after all. Most of the day was spent on the stills with just a few actors and the photographer. She used her hawk eyes to attend to her lady’s make up and hair flaws, unless the director wanted her lady to be mussed up thru a series. Then she couldn’t look at her lady till she was allowed to address the mess.
When the day was finally over, according to the photographer and director, she helped her lady out of the outfit and assisted her in the shower to remove all the make up and cream her skin so her skin wasn’t dehydrated.
Then she prepared a light supper for her lady to eat and she went to bed.
She however had to prepare the next day’s look for shooting and lay out all the product her lady would use to get ready.
Finally she went to bed as well. Her lady needed her ready and alert.

I didn’t ask to be equal ever!

(response to male chauvinists)

I didn’t ask to be equal to you ever.
I asked to have equal rights under the law,
equal protection by society,
equal access to the resources I need and my kids need,
equal vote for what I pay for with my taxes
equal wages for work of equal value
an equal shot at work and education I deserve cuzz I’ve earned it.

See I don’t want to be you
or take anything from you.
I’m not your clone!!

I want to be ME to the best I can be. I want autonomy over my own body, life and health decisions. And all I ask of you is that you either allow it or step off because it’s happening. Around you or thru you, up to you (WEG) But happening for sure.

what is training?

A lot of people use the word training …
In service, I can see a person needing to learn how to do the chores as their dominant wishes them to do.
*learn how to cook, what their favourite recipes are
*learn how to clean, what their standards are
*learn how to do laundry and mend
*learn how to budget and shop
In sexual service, it more likely means learning how this person likes things done. (ie felatio or cunnilingus – where to lick, nibble, touch… as this person likes it) or trying the kinks they like.  See if you like their kinks.
It could also mean learning protocol and positions.
But ultimately, training at this level actually means finding out if the two of you are a good fit. Because actually, the dominant shouldn’t BE your trainer. If you want to be trained in how to be a submissive, then you should go to a submissive!  IMO
Now if it’s tasks or kinks, you should have a platonic mentor. Ie roper teaches you how to rope,
This type of training is like advanced classes rather than general study.
IMO People who use the word training are telling you they want to test drive your car before they purchase it. Or telling you they want to date before they marry you. That’s ALL it means.  It is so individualized you can’t go window shopping for a dominant or submissive and say one is doing it wrong and one is doing it right. What you mean to say is this one works for you.
This doesn’t mean you can’t tell in there when someone is being abused/harmed (also not getting your boundaries/consent respected) or neglected (not getting your needs met or being denied attention).
Some also say that you have to “break” a submissive. What do you think they are anyway? A wild horse?? If a submissive doesn’t want to serve or has a hostile attitude to their dominant, nothing you say or do will change that! You CAN break their mind, like a leg or arm can be broken. But that isn’t the same thing as training a wild horse to take the bit or the saddle.  No reputable horse trainer steals the animal’s spirit which is what breaking them means  IMO.  The trainer teaches them that they are safe, to the point where the animal will follow directions because they trust the trainer.
TBH if anyone is being trained, in the early days, it’s more likely the dominant. They have to learn where the edges are in what they can do with this person who is now in their care. Isn’t that the most important thing in what we do?