The Child in the Shadows

If you wanted to find this boy, you had to go on the hunt. He was quiet, shy and did not do fuss or drama. If there was a crisis he would pitch in, He wasn’t a slacker. but there’d better not be trouble, or he’d just run and hide.
He had a soft, quiet voice, you would never hear sing or yell.
He learned to excel at whatever dad asked, so he didn’t hear blame or get the belt. He moved quickly and never rebelled.
He preferred a book in the corner or maybe some soft music on. He went the trade route in school, just so he’d be done sooner. He was a fixit or a long haul delivery driver, so he had little to say when he dealt with the public. He preferred solo to working in a crew at all.
He was shy with the girls and the few he went near were all found in his church. They came into his arms , first as a friend.
He became a parent and ended up a better one than their mother. He was patient and kind, but a stern man when it came to discipline. He took his babies to the doctors every time it was needed.
His wife was his tormentor, according to him. Yet when it came to custody, he didn’t want a fuss. So he shared them with her. Whether or not that saw to their protection.
Then he found another wife, but he went from Barbie doll to Miko this time. He didn’t want anymore drama in his home and marriage.
If he had a bad mood, he went in to his heart and mind. He lifted it up to God. I don’t know where he came from, but he sure seemed like an adopted child, if he hadn’t looked like a blond version of his two brothers, I’d have said he was for sure. No one else in his family was quite like him.

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