She Was the Gift of God!!?

She was the prodigy. And out of a group of backwater conservatives, it must have been like a miracle. Neither of her parents had been above grade 8 in small town schools. None of her older siblings could get beyond grade 10. Especially poignant was the fact that when she had gone to kindergarten, she couldn’t speak a word of English!
So was it family pressure or the early giggles of her class mates when she spoke that compelled her? Maybe both…
She was a fastidious child. Pretty close to OCD, if not. Though never diagnosed with that? She was moody as well and years later was told she was prone to depression.
She played the violin well, or so they said, though in early days it sounded worse than cats in heat in a bag fighting. 😛 So her siblings weren’t in awe of her performance.
Her parents allowed her out of most of the household chores. She took to her bed every month, when she had a visit from aunt flo. For days!! I mean, get used to it??
Every other child needed to work outside the house, to bring money in, but not her. Yet she cost them more with her lessons than all the rest put together. She never put a dime toward the house or her lessons.
And she was a diva. Boy could she scream! And her older sister has scars to this day on her from their many tussles.
That fastidious girl? She became a tease, more than a virgin. She would remain a virgin till her wedding night, no matter what! Well the what was she may have been wearing white on her big day around 30 years of age, but if you hadn’t seen the slip under it, you would have sworn it was grey. Not that they ever got into her vagina though… Poor guys got tested! Let’s just leave it there. Maybe she was practicing domme arts of chastity? You can have me, but you can’t touch me!
She hated her parents for sending her for the lessons, which confused her siblings. If she didn’t want them, a few would have happily had some lesson. Why didn’t she quit? But she did say she loved her teachers… so maybe that was it?
She hardly made any friends at school and wasn’t making fans of her siblings either. She was a snot! The best of the best at school, at her lessons, at church… Like I said, she may have been OCD. And she wore those prim collars, like she was already a school marm when she was @12.
Boy could she rage! And where it was that this mood struck her didn’t matter at all. The look in her eye was that of a murderer. Whether it was a sibling, her “friend”, her bf or husband, or even her children when she was older.
And yes, she did become violent. She actually did try to kill someone. Her family covered it up, so she could remain the good girl. Even at the cost of destroying someone else’s life by their lying. Leaving her kids in danger, so she could be seen as perfect still.
You have to wonder, just what it was that flipped her? IDK, post partum? PMS? Maybe the wine she drank by the bottle, even when she was pregnant and breastfeeding?
Those violin lessons? All she ever ended up doing with them was training to be what she would never succeed at, never becoming more than a tutor. Safe or not, she taught kids private lessons in her own home. Just imagine if she went off on one of them and her family couldn’t cover it up?
I wonder what would have happened if they had put even half of that into another child?

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