lures for slaves……. ( a caution for on line relationships)

lures for slaves……. ( a caution for on line relationships)

The head of the white slave trade ring asked their top tech guy to set up a really cool kinky chat room that specialized in dark fantasies. The profiles were really young, attractive women (19-25) and older men (30-60) who were into Master/slave relationships, CNC and rape play, humiliation and edge play and bukaki groups. They put their chat room onto all the search engines and made a profile on a few social sites to interact with the world of web. To send traffic their way. The ring was moving into the 21st century.
Even in the site, they stacked the deck to include male power cues. Female sexuality was to be had by the participants, if they said the right thing.
The male profiles had the right things on offer. Girls of that age wanted bad boys, or daddies to teach them what they had no way of learning on their own. Girls of that age wanted to take risks. With life, sex and love. They were looking for their prince. So he had to be successful, heading toward money, power and influence.
He might wear a business suit, but wear his hair a bit longer and have some ink. He might have five o’clock shadow or a trimmed look. He had a fast car, or a motorbike and flashed pix of him sitting in fancy inns and restaurants. With a few women hanging on his arm. He went to dungeons and had pix of himself playing there.
Didn’t he? Were they real?
The lure was set…
They added really dirty, hard core fantasies and the young girls started collecting to the site. A couple of the profiles published on line blogs and sold vanity press "books" of their fantasies. To draw even more girls. They created drama with feuds and the full court press was on. What girl can resist drama?
The site finished it off with contests for photographs, modeling opportunities, trips to win and writing contests with a publishing contract. The whole site was a honey trap for the right girl. And they came. In droves.

With all the safeguards these girls were taking to keep their vanilla and kink life separate, they were setting up the ring’s alibi for them. How could they possible know this sweet, innocent young thing? Just the hint of it getting back to their families and school or job was enough to make the girls scared enough to cooperate with the ring. That was the girl they wanted. And that was the girl they got. The vulnerable girl who was isolated by her own design.

The girls ended up disappearing voluntarily, so few were looked for. Girls that age did that. And they were adults after all. They could come and go as they pleased. The ring placed them in hell’s version of what they had asked for and fantasized about. Very few made it out alive. Yet somehow, this was never connected to that chat room. Why? Because as soon as the male profile had the girls hooked, they asked them to switch to another communication method. Kik, skype, text, or a vanilla chat method. So maybe 6 months to a year before they were exploring their fantasies on a dark site. While interesting, what did that have to do with them going missing? Who knows?

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