coming closer… ( a caution for on line relationships)

coming closer… ( a caution for on line relationships)

She had been perving the site’s men for a while and had followed a few crushes as well. The few women who were nice to her she friended with no qualms. She poured her heart and soul out to them. No discretion, no hold backs.
She was careful about who saw her face, having them set for friends only. She took all the precautions. And a while later, when she saw this profile, she figured she knew all about internet safety. But he got around all of them…
He had a female profile, with a female nick and pictures. He used the pix of his ex. Ones she had no idea he had. So they were one woman’s face and body.
He had been around enough women that he could write text like a lot of his female friends and sisters did.
Over the course of time, he made a few casual female friends on the site and talked them into being his sisters on the page. He was set.
That’s when he saw her. She was perfect for what he wanted. She lived close enough to him that he could get there within an hour by car. He quickly switched his home to Antarctica, told his sisters he had had trouble with a guy and not to tell anyone new where he lived. They rallied protectively as women on line do.
When he was sure they’d cooperate, he went after her.
He wrote her a lovely note about some of their common interests and told her he lived on the other side of the country so she’d feel safe telling him what he wanted to know. He kept a note book on her. He copied every picture she posted and put a name to every public building that were in them. Pretty soon he had her neighbourhood down pat.
He followed her schedule too. When she went off line to sleep or was on breaks at work and logged on for a few minutes. He would ask for a selfie when she was out and about so he could see what neighbourhoods she frequented.
He never posted on her wall and asked her not to post on his either. He said an ex was watching his page and he was a very jealous person. She became very protective and followed that direction. So it looked like all he was was a wall lurker. A very casual friend. Nobody knew they were close.
He had her… Her face, her real name, her birthdate, her schedule, her family members, coworkers and friends’ names and her frequented places.
Then he began following her… To and from work, on and off lunch. He started dating a friend of hers casually so he could get into her inner circle. She had no idea it was her friend from on line. He was careful that he never cross contaminated the two identities.
She had no reason to be afraid. He was thrilled!
He made a few opportunities to have a private chat with her, so she got to know and like him.
On line he dug for her fears, hurts and dreams. He made careful note of her fetishes and hard limits. Like they were gospel.
And he found a place where he could keep her without anyone knowing they were there. He prepared the place.
One night, his date had a family emergency mid date. He drove her to her family’s place and stole her phone so no one could reach her. Then he called his target woman and said he wanted to confide in her. He wanted to take his date’s and his relationship to the next level and wanted her advice, if she would? She agreed. Anything for romance. He cautioned her not to tell anyone so he could surprise his date. She agreed happily.
Ready, set, go!
He picked her up at her apartment and they headed toward a coffee pub they had frequented before. Or so she thought…
His plan was to take her to the hideaway and expose her to every terror and humiliation she had ever faced. It was all set up…
He told her he had to drop off a package for work at a warehouse. She wasn’t worried at all.
They arrived at the warehouse and he offered her a chance to have a tour. He helped her out of the car, like a gentleman, and they entered the warehouse. As soon as he locked the door on entrance, his demeanour changed. He became her nightmare. He became the angel of death. No one found her body, no one connected him with her disappearance.

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