choker hold…… ( a caution for on line relationships)

choker hold…… ( a caution for on line relationships)

She started out so cool. Became a friend, they flirted. She waited for him to ask if he might serve her. She said she would think about it…
After a few weeks he asked again. She said, "Oh yeah! Oh sure we can try. You’ve been a good boy."
She gave him her skype account and told him to make his own and contact her once it was done. She gave him times of the day when she would be available and then went about her business.
She was unavailable at first, but apologized often enough to keep him pursuing her and still be friendly. "Busy at work, you know."
Finally they had their first session. She checked to see if he knew the slave positions and watched him edge himself. She kept smiling at him and licking her lips. He got to see her nipple because he didn’t come. He was grinning.
She called her friend and said, "I think we have him."
The sessions were confined to just chatting for a few. She said she had company coming soon and didn’t want to get all heated up. He understood. But he was disheartened.
Then she let him put a cock ring on, a butt plug in and bind himself. When the chat was over, she asked him to wear her chastity. He said he would be glad to. And grinned. She said she would send him a device if he gave her a post office address. So he set it up. Now she knew where his town really was. The package was registered, so he had to sign for it and prove it was him. So she had his real name.
She asked if she could kik and text him each day to give instructions. He gave her the numbers. She had his phone contacts and ran a reverse directory. She had his address. With this information, she went thru the web and found his foot print. The sites he was signed onto with those variables. And she used a few fake profiles to follow and friend him. She gathered every picture he posted and made friends with his friends. She asked a few inane questions about him. To see if he was "safe" to be friends with. She was told he was. One of the good guys. She wondered if they knew about his kink profiles. She ran image searches to see if he was posting his face on kink sites. He was.
With their sessions going well, she started to wean him off and make him desperate for her attention. Then she asked for a tribute or two. He gave them to her. She kept the receipts, marked with dates.
After a while, she asked to be able to see his accounts on the kink sites they were on together, so she could see if he was telling her the truth. He hesitated and she began to log out like she was unhappy with him. He shouted yes and gave it to her.
She went thru his PMs and copied them. But most of all, she got his email address and credit card info. He was a paid member of course.
She followed him long enough to find out his family’s names, where he went to school, where he worked and who his real life friends were who were on the web with him. By that, she had a pretty good idea what his credit card passwords might be and she kept trying till she found the right one.
Then she went thru his accounts and started taking small amounts out for cash.
The perfect time came for her to act, when he went to his parents’ place for a family wedding. He would be busy for a few days and not likely to be paying for his own way. He also wouldn’t be able to skype or kik with her. She’d have a few days head start then. She emptied his accounts and closed all her other accounts except the closest to him that her knew of. The last one or two.
She moved her address and closed her bank accounts.
When he came back on line, he told her he had been robbed and didn’t know how. She commiserated with him. They continued to skype and kik for a few months. Then she weaned him off. She referred him to a friend. Along with the referral, she also gave her friend all the pictures she had of him and the skype logs and stills she had taken of him. Her friend was known for blackmailing her slaves. And she walked away from all his avenues to her.

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