who dunit! – mayhem

The young couple walked into the house, expecting to see a tidy and decent starter home when they went to look at the property with the realtor. The first sign of trouble was the look of shock and horror on her face.
Scanning the hall and great room, they saw paint all over the walls, scat on the couch that the realtor had gone to great lengths to find for the viewings, and smut magazines all over the floor. What a waste!
They walked further, into the kitchen and saw the fridge and stove doors were missing and all of the cupboard doors had been taken off and painted in black and orange. Hallowe’en had come early.
Further in, they saw a bathroom where the toilet and pedestal sink had been smashed to bits.
Somebody had gotten creative on the bedroom wall. They had painted a stunning, large silhouette of a nude woman over the bed and slit the mattress open.
The back hall looked like someone had upset a science lab. Broken glass everywhere.
The realtor stuttered “Oh my God! Who, who would do this?? I promise it was gorgeous yesterday”
They tried to reassure her, but what could you say? They weren’t interested in buying it in this condition obviously.
The realtor called the police. She had tears sliding down her cheeks as she talked with them.
When the officers came, they asked who she thought might have done this:

Suspect # 1 -++
The owners of the house had gone bankrupt and had been heart-broken when the sheriff came to evict them. Did they or their teenage sons return to reek havoc?

Suspect # 2 – ++
there was a drug house a couple lots over. Maybe they thought they could spread out if this house remained empty too?

Suspect # 3 –
one of the juniour realtors had been fired last week. She hadn’t been the draw her cute good looks and toadying manner should have been to customers. Had she been more upset, and frankly more intelligent, than they had thought?

Suspect # 4 – ++
there was a school on the next block. The previous owners’ kids had gone there. Were some of their friends showing their “support”?

Who do you think did it?

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