bear stories – Freud et al – theories of consciousness

Sleeping bear – the unconscious

is noisy and not usually a threat to anyone. She shifts about, snorts and gnashes her teeth or grinds them. Sometimes, in a deep sleep, she snores, twitches her nose or turns over. She does whatever her dreams tell her to do.
Sleeping bear has dreams about food, about chasing food; she has dreams about someone chasing her, or her chasing someone else; if it’s getting close to spring, she has rutting dreams, and sees her cub as she nurses or teaches cub what to do, just like her mother taught her when she was a cub.
Now if sleeping bear is a good sleeper, she will stay laying down and maybe shift a bit as the dream tells her to. But some bears actually act out what they see in the dream…. So if she sees food, she chews, she eats or chases her prey. Her leg might actually move like she is running. If someone is chasing her or she is chasing someone, she runs. And if she is nursing or teaching her cub, she does what is needed to carry it out.
She is still sleeping though.
She doesn’t know what is going on in the real world, so some of her actions might get her injured or someone else. She’s a big animal, with sharp teeth and claws. How could that not hurt, if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time? If someone gets in their way?
If something startles her awake, she is a confused bear. Um she had laid down…
Nothing changes. She is a bear; she is a sleeping bear. Until she is awake.
She is not a murderer. She is a defender of herself and her cubs. She is a hunter, for food for herself and her family. She gets what she needs. And maybe steals a few colourful trinkets on her path. She is a bear. Asleep or awake.

Groggy bear – the pre-conscious

is a bit slow and disoriented. She isn’t on top of her game. She yawns, scratches, and if she is peckish might scrounge for handy snacks like bugs, berries or honey. She is probably still near her cave. She also might be a bit crabby. She really isn’t focusing well or planning anything really. You know, like you before your morning coffee or orange juice. A little befuddled. A little irritable. If you tease her, she’ll growl or snarl at you. But it might take a bit longer to actually give chase. Unless you get close, too close. She will act on her ire, because she’s not thinking really.

The bear you would meet if she is injured or ill would be the sleeping or groggy bear.

Alert bear – the conscious
is in tune with her world, a planner, a hunter. She is a primal being, no matter how tame she is. So her thoughts are about food, hunting, her cubs, mating. She is a sensual creature. So her focus is on what is colourful, appetizing, interesting, moving near her or her cubs. What is a threat or looks like it’s tasty or fun. If she has seen, sniffed it before. She is curious.
She is a bear, so she will never likely consider things like if that hat fits her right, or if the man beside her would make a good politician and she ought to vote for him. At best, she knows if he smells like he usually does and if he’s too close to her cubs.

A young bear (a cub)
is all about exploring, curiousity, play and knowing where mom, bed and food are.
An older bear starts gaining independence. Learning to hunt, defend itself and it’s family and forage for food. It becomes more and more body aware of itself and it’s mate. All of a sudden one day it goes into heat. It learns all these tasks by playing it out as mom watches. It needs to be guided thru the steps of how to do things and needs to practice, till mom thinks it can be self reliant.

A smart bear – sensory IQ, motor IQ, emotional IQ

kinaesthetic IQ – a bear does not think it can fly like an eagle just cuzz it sees an eagle fly. It thinks it can run because it’s mother, father and older siblings do. Though even young, cute cubs think their growls are scary. Nope lil one, just adorbs!
A little bear falls and wobbles as it gets used to it’s body and as it grows. And it tires more readily than it’s parent and older siblings will.
A little bear isn’t always sure how their body will fit into stuff or stuff will fit into it either.
But it does learn all these things. So it’s a smart bear eventually.
Spatial IQ – Little bears don’t always grasp big, little and depth perception. But eventually they get there, if their eyes work right.
Naturalistic IQ – a little bear knows it’s a bear. And it doesn’t eat bears; it eats rabbits and squirrels, nuts , bugs and berries. It doesn’t take much for a bear to learn those things and when it’s hot or cold, it should have shelter. When it wants to sleep, it should hide, or be in it’s den with mom near by.
Musical/rhythmical IQ – A bear can keep time and know if a sound is off key. And bears like music. They think dance is cool too. Can a bear dance? Yes, according to circus’ billboards.
Linguistic IQ – a bear has a series of grunts, huffs, sighs etc that let another bear in on how they feel and what they are thinking. Enough so they can communicate and understand each other. More so with time and intimacy.

A smart bear – self/other bonds of love, fear, rage, hate and need
inter/intra personal IQ – a bear has an awareness of self and other, has an understanding of their place and role in the group and in the food chain. It has a strong sense of self preservation and will care for those it loves and who need the bear.

A big ass bear is all id. It is her world, it is all about now. It is all about it being hers. If you intrude on that, she’d better really like you. You’d better not be threatening herself or her cubs. If she itches, she scratches. If she is hungry she looks for food. The closer and easier the better. If she is in heat, she finds a mate and ruts.

You wouldn’t think so, but bears do think you know. They are very curious. They look and sniff and wonder what you are and won’t stop looking or sniffing till they figure you out and put you into a schema for what they already know. And like all creatures, she can identify what is friend, foe, fuckable and food. It’s only if she is desperate, injured or ill that it will change at all. She preens herself and her cubs as well. So yes, a bear has ego.Right?

Does she have a sense of morality? Maybe she does. She doesn’t commit incest, she only takes what she needs, she cares for her cubs, and she hunts to eat. She only kills to eat or defend herself or her family. Hmm, she might have a better sense than some humans …

Does she make up her own mind, in any of these states? Yeppers! She has an instinctual response, just like we humans do to fight, flee, freeze or fuck. And there aren’t many creatures who could stop her once her mind is made up! Especially if she thinks her cub is in danger, or needs her. Or if she has an urge to rut. Get out of the way! It’s gonna happen. (Bears have free will)

Bears are far more instinctual than civilized, but they can be tamed. I just wouldn’t rely on it to trusting a bear with my life. They will ALWAYS pick themselves and their cubs first. If you underestimate that, you will die. It really is that simple.

Some of these things might (are) be different for humans, but the basic principles are the same across species. And I figured a bear wouldn’t threaten everyone to the point where it can’t even be discussed.

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