Super Soldier

Many centuries ago, there was a man named Socrates. And another man named Plato who wrote about his philosophies. The piece we are referring to today is called, "The Republic". Plato outlined what the perfect soldier was in his republic, and how to raise this guy. To teach him to think and to isolate him from the common people so he could just follow orders. Hmmm.
tina turner we don’t need another hero
Centuries later, the scientists worked on studying something they called "the Genome Project". They basically outlined what human beings are made of.
Time ran on, and the scientists decided to clone and splice these genes until they came up with something we know today as the super soldier. It was a lot like a witch putting bits into a cauldron that went toward a recipe. They tossed out Plato…and spliced a bunch of animals together with man to create him.
beast mr hurricane
That was back in the day of the patriarchy though. Today’s super soldier is a woman. We like the way women think when they’re angry. Well aggressive. It suits a soldier better. And when we tweaked her natural inclinations with beasties, she was an amazing and awesome creature.
helen reddy I am woman
Would you like to hear what animals were chosen and why? Tehehe like you have a choice.
She had to be a good fighter, so the first animal was an ELEPHANT SEAL. They are huge and aggressive creatures and she had to be strong after all, right?
Next… she had to be able to strategize. So the next creature was a SIAFU ANT. They plot, plan and work together as an army and they are lethal little critters. How could that go wrong in a super soldier?
She had to be able to hunt as a team and work with her group, so next came a LION. They surround, ambush and separate the weakest and kill that one. A lion’s speed was also an asset. By the way, the female lion is the hunter of their species.
She had to be able to herd and coral her prey, so we added a DOLPHIN. Their size and strength are certainly assets.
An ELEONORA FALCON was our next choice. They actually imprison their prey and keep them alive for days in the late summer, so they have fresh food to eat when the time comes.
We wanted the soldiers to think in terms of luring too. So we added a few splices:
The ALLIGATOR SNAPPING TURTLE was added because they lay under water and fake fish out by making their tongue act and look like a worm is on the water.
The HERON was added because they throw small things in the water as bait so the fish get curious and come look.
The COATI because they divide the hunters into two groups. Some stay on the ground, waiting for their prey. Others climb into the trees and scare the iguanas into jumping into the group of their compatriots at the bottom of the trees. Those at the bottom catch and kill them then.
The MARGAY is a little mimic. It can sound like a distressed baby monkey and make adult monkeys come look.
Last splice is the male CHIMPANZEE. He kills baby chimps and also spends hours (??!!) raping a female he has hunted down. Imagine that!
When you add a woman as an interrogator and a flexible, endurance styled creature who can take a LOT of pain (think child birth?), she makes an amazing soldier anyway. Enhanced, she is a treasure.
gowan strange animal
When we had resolved a few things in our time, we sent her back to correct a few things in earlier times. I mean who would suspect a woman as a super soldier sent thru time anyway? She had the perfect disguise! They never make a woman the hero in a sci fi movie about soldiers from the future, do they? She became quite the heroine wherever she went.
nightwish I wish I had an angel
And for some reason, she was a lot sturdier mentally in combat. There were a few theories about the why… Was it due to her ability to dissociate and compartmentalize? Was it because she was willing and able to talk things thru and identify her feelings and cry them out? In the end, does it matter?
guetta & sia titanium
She could talk most people into what she wanted and get help when she needed it quite easily. And she was easily able to blend in wherever she went.
one tin soldier
She became so effective that peace talks were more sought out than war. And the world turned into a much nicer place to live.
john lennon imagine

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