the fisher

Kayla posts nude pictures, but are they of her? The men gather around, and drool, with their tongues hanging out. Suddenly they can only be her friend if she gets some present off the web. Or if they follow her to some obscure site.Cassie has a really sad story, that makes everyone cry. They want to help, but is it truth or a lie?Rhonda exchanges letters, so hot and steamy, that she has a few friends who think they have a relationship of meaning. If only they talked to each other, they’d see the underlying script. But, since they haven’t, they send her money for a plane ticket and hotel reservation. One excuse, two excuse, ok now she has the money all collected. Off her account goes, to replaced with another one, pictures set for friends only.Valerie is bait. Some hot pictures and an address or kik where the greedy can have her. Only to find that the person they meet is a blackmailer, a robber, a rapist or the FBI. Somehow their fantasy was never to be a victim or a prisoner. I wonder why?You’d think they would be wiser, these internet savvies. Have they forgotten? Nope, but they seem to think they are the exception. No one can get to them. They’re the strongest, wisest of the whole world. Yet she got under their skin. The hook was set so deep, they needed surgery to get it back out again.

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