the troll

Bebe was a lovely woman when you first met her. But she had these unusual fits. She would go into tirades of jealousy and rage where anyone else would be having a few giggles and spreading the love around.If someone told a happy story, she’d call them a liar.If someone told a joke, she’d get all offended and poke them till they took it down or stopped telling it.If someone shared their educated opinion, she’d get furious and badger them with nonsense she found in obscure places.Finally, the villagers had had enough and sent out their best troll hunters. They told joke after joke about Bebe’s hairy knuckles and rolly knees. They had all the villagers laughing at Bebe in no time.When Bebe was nothing but a sobbing mess, the villagers called off the hunters. They wanted Bebe to stop, not to go insane after all. They were upset, not cruel.When Bebe had calmed down, she gathered her fellow trolls and went on a campaign of terror. They attacked the village and burnt down the homes of the troll hunters. They stalked the hunters’ children and pelted them with pebbles and tomatoes. The children ran home crying to the hunters. The trolls told detailed stories about the hunters’ fetishes to their parents and bosses.The troll hunters gathered and mocked Bebe and the trolls about their saggy nipples and fat arses. They made fart noises every time the trolls opened their mouths to speak. It was silly, but so damn annoying!Finally the trolls moved away from the village. All the villagers cheered when they heard.

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