the succubus

Glenda was the girl other women hated. She would flash her boobs and her ass all over the place, driving the men wild with lust. Too many women were aware that their man had a crush on her. Too many men were having sex with their wife or girlfriend, thinking of her. Too many women cried quietly into their pillow, thinking of her. Knowing they couldn’t possibly measure up. Worrying if she would come after their man. Or their man would go after her.She just seemed to have it all, when it came to her body. Pouty lips, big firm boobs and a fit butt. Curvy where curves belonged. And not an extra inch of curve where it didn’t. And she was shameless about showing it.She enjoyed hanging out at the local pubs and dungeons. Playing with the guys till dawn. No responsibilities to go home to. She was young, unmarried, childless and apparently a trust fund baby. She sure didn’t seem to have a job or school schedule to keep her away from the men of the town.How could a real woman compete with her?Maybe she was as naive as she seemed about her impact on men, but the women didn’t really believe it. Especially after the stories started rising about her being a lavish sex partner. She seemed to be everything a man could ever fantasize about. Well ok, if they were single…? But she was leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her. The men were pallid and weaker than they had been when she no longer took their calls. They pined and obsessed about her. They hung around her watering holes, hoping she would change her mind.The women watched closely for cues that this was happening to their men.The women of town were waiting for one misstep to brand Glenda as a demon and run her out of town.

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