the gorgon

Melanie was a stunning woman. She had a gorgeous face and body that put many to shame. But for some reason nobody was that attracted to her, unless they were twisted in some way. Prudish or controlling. Many around Melanie thought she was cold, stand offish and rude. She just thought she was shy. Hard to warm up to people. She also thought she had a strong faith and knew better than anyone what was right and wrong.Her true love was Jay. They had been married for years and were more like siblings than lovers these days. She was getting worried that he was seeing another woman on the side. She made it clear to him that she would force feed him his own children if she ever caught him cheating. So he was extremely careful around other women. Very circumspect.What she didn’t know about him would fill a book though. He was pansexual. He had a very small group of men he saw and an even smaller group of transexuals too. Melanie never suspected. They did the many things that Melanie thought were evil, and never considered that Jay was capable of them.Melanie was a crusader. She had a list of causes she worked tirelessly to eradicate from her world. And Jay worked tirelessly to live out. She had a list of rules and Jay had a list of fetishes.Melanie wrote condemning pieces about anything liberal and/or sexual. She was ultra conservative. Jay accused her of having a stone heart.If someone broke her social rules, Melanie would blast them with her iciest rage. Then cut them from her life. Her friends were clear that these people were to be ostracized. As if they were dead. A few would sneak around to still keep these people in their lives, even Jay. Seriously it was like having a harsh mother, rather than a friend.Finally, Jay had had enough.Jay and a few friends decided to broaden Melanie’s horizons. They planned an orgy, well a gang rape for her introduction into sexual kinks.But Melanie was warned that she was being plotted against. Not by someone who loved her, but by a person who believed in fair play.She didn’t know who the chief plotter was till she was surrounded. She had a spell ready and had cast it before she realized Jay was standing in the group. They were all turned to stone, in a way she couldn’t undo.When she saw Jay, frozen in time, she started to scream…and scream. Till she lost her mind.And she went back home, took her children from their beds and turned them to stone too.Melanie was gone. The gorgon lived instead.

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