Niko was a very strong willed man. He would shout sooner than talk things thru. He would rant and rage sooner than chat with his women, as he called them. Given that, it was no wonder he collected a different kind of woman around him. Let me tell you about his types…Niko went to the gym and the bar outside work, so he wanted either a woman who would tolerate his absence or join him at his occupations. But most of all, he wanted a woman he could control.He wanted a slut he could share with his friends at their parties after the bar closed down. So Barbie was awesome for these nights, She danced at the bar and stripped and gave the guys head at the after party.He wanted a fun girl for poker nights and gym crawls. Someone who would go toe-to-toe with him. So he took along Patty. She was a sassy go-getter who challenged him to improve by being naughty. And took it when he got mad enough to say pay back is a bitch little girl!, or when he threw her around and even spanked her. She came back for more.He wanted a stay at home shy type who was happier cooking, cleaning and watching TV than going anywhere. For this, Nancy was best. She didn’t say spit for fear he would be upset. But she was hardly his sexual fantasy. Good thing she ignored the fact he stepped out on her.Then there was his baby girl. She was so cute he wanted to send her home to his mom to raise up. But his mom would kill him. So they never met. Lisa was an adorable creature who sucked her thumb, had blanket forts, and coloured. He would playfully swat her, but if he looked at her sideways, she would get all teary. She could wrap him around her finger and he wasn’t sure he liked that. So Lisa and Nancy spent a lot of time together at his house, while the others went around with him.Oh Niko did like his life, he did. But did the girls?Maybe, they did agree to their role after all.

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