two rivers

The oracle –

Once upon a time ago, there was a tale of two rivers. One that brought forward forgetfulness and one that carried souls into the land of the dead. It was said that between lives, every soul met the ruler at the crossing of these rivers to decide what lessons they had yet to learn.
They met their first mother and first father there to reunite and plan what they would do in this incarnation with the fates and muses of old.
Then they made their farewells and went on to their next life.

The fates –

Bound the souls to their path and gave them people around them to teach these lessons. Their pack was formed of people who they had known in every incarnation. They were drawn to each other on meeting. But each meeting determined if they would be enemies or friends. Though some were an odd mix.

The muses –

Gave them talents and drives that helped them by easing their path’s hardship. Each soul had a fair helping, but few got to use all they were given. The community their incarnation was reared in often blocked them from developing these talents. And the community had trouble deciding which drives were most sound in the time.

Their elder group –

Spent their life time on their knees, praying for the soul. Hoping to ease their path. Yet rarely ever being able to intercede, or even be known. Unless the souls were very intuitive. Unless the souls had a very sensitive mind.

The gods –

shone the light down from the heavens and waited for the souls to look up and pray. That was all it took.

The demons –

blew the smoke of delusions and lies toward the souls and did everything they could to mess with the souls’ intentions. Pushing them toward those who would harm them, and encouraging odd entanglements.

And the gorgons –

tried to frighten and enrage the souls to the point where their soul was trapped in that moment, never to grow or feel whole with their guides again.

All the terrors –

worked together to bring about the end of all that was good, to take away power and faith from those that the gods favoured. And all the gods could do was watch. For they had agreed to allow free will to reign. Sadly, the terrors were not so inclined.

The heroes –

did their best to right the world and make it a bit better.

The villains –

did their best to work with the terrors and overturn the gods, to bring about destruction of all creation and faith.

The lovers – were too wrapped up in each other to see anything but themselves. All they wanted was lust and affection. All they wanted was to procreate. Till the earth was over run with souls and the heavens and hells were all busting.

So the gods –

sent forth the apocalyptic horses – war, famine, pestulence, and strife rode out of the skies and met with death to wage their campaign against all souls, but the oldest ones. It was time to gather the forces of natural and supernatural again. It was time to change the world…

What would happen next? Chaos or order?


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