“Notorious Women” Fashion Show – “LADIES” only dress

the ladies were to dress as a spy such as Mata Hari, a witch of the pilgrim group, Marie Antoinette, a lady robber, or Joan of Arc. They could pick whichever theme went with their figure and what their sub or slave was wearing. And they could be as sexy or modest as they chose.

the subs were to be dressed as a robot, a marionette or a courtesan. They were to attend as sissies only. No one dressed as a man could attend.

was a gala event, with exhibits of many textiles and fabrics, of jewels and some sex toys as well. Floggers were presented in many styles and were made of wood, leather and metal.
There was a furier and gemologist there for the ladies who had the where-with-all to order specialty goods.
The club staff wore tuxedos and tea dresses so they stood out as servers. Champagne and tea were on hand

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