More Ladies’ Night Out

The ladies had a key party. They had a few of the most attractive of their caged subs and slaves in the foyer greeting the guests as they arrived. Obviously they were groped as the ladies arrived. But with the cage they wore, the men couldn’t get erect without pain. Some of the ladies liked that even more.
Those who were shy went to the bar first and had a few drinks for dutch courage. Those who were eager went straight to the mat area. They accepted a key from the basket and went around looking for their group, shedding clothes along the way.
Watching was not really encouraged at the club. Not in the swingers’ events.

The lady who wanted extra attention would grab the hands of two subs or slaves and take them to a smaller room. Usually she received oral sex, because the men were caged. But occasionally, their owners would hand over the keys. If their property had behaved and deserved a reward and the lady asking was a good friend, known for sharing her property on these nights.

Every now and then the club held a special peepers’ night. There were drilled holes in the common room walls that were usually covered with curtains. A hallway ran the perimeter of the room, like a second wall.
The ladies who wanted to view were voyeurists, but the men were subs or slaves who were being teased or punished by their owners. No free man was ever allowed into the viewing hall.

He was mostly caged and only allowed freedom at his owner’s pleasure. The cage kept him soft and pliable. Kept him focused on anything but his desire. Apparently he had been too sexual for her and she had bought the cage to teach him a lesson.
She often teased him by rubbing the tip of his penis or rimming his rectum. She also liked making him wear the cage and use a dildo to plunder his rectum. She also liked wearing gloves and entering his rectum to stimulate his prostate. On occasion, she would remove the cage and put a condom catheter on him and milk him of his semen. You’d think that would be fun, but after quite a lengthy chaste period, forced orgasms tended to hurt.
She also enjoyed having one of the other subs or slaves have anal sex with him still in the cage.
He was told that he was being trained to understand that his sexuality was no longer in his control.

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