feudal events at the club

Feudal nights are quite popular with both dominants and subs and slaves.

Is surrounded by bales of hay and ears of corn. He has some shears, shovels, rakes, large stockades, whips, reins and harnesses with him. Any lady entering the barn with her sub or slave can have them be treated like a beast of burden. They can be laden with things to carry as any draft hose or oxen on the farm would be. They can also be made to pull a wagon, plow or carriage. They can also be treated as a steed and carry their lady. As a smaller animal, they can be led in their traces.

The ladies can call a hunt and get bows, arrows and knives. The horn is played and the animals (sub or slave) are let loose. Some play the dogs and some the fox or rabbit. The hunt mistress has made sure that none of the points are deadly, but will scar. And the chase begins. Out on the forest or field, traps have been laid as well. Some nooses hidden under trees, some holes covered with foliage and some hidden animals who will scuffle with the intruder.

The ladies walk into an inn to have a few drinks and find the innkeeper and his staff are very willing to be of service. This particular inn has a few rooms to let if a patron and a whore wish to engage in a sexual liaison. There is a small revue, a singer, a lyre player and a flautist, and a few folk dancers in little clothing. Something meant to titillate the patrons. After a few stout drinks, it can get a bit rowdy. You can hear the ladies’ cat calls and lewd comments. Some of the inn staff get their bodies grabbed as they try to serve the drinks and food to the patrons.

The lady enters a shop, meaning to purchase a gift for a friend or relative, or an item for their house. The shopkeeper sits with them and finds out what they wish to purchase and whether the item is already made, can be ordered from another store, or will be custom made as a designer original. The chat is friendly and the shopkeeper is ingratiating, perhaps a bit flirtatious. Certainly complementary towards their patron.
There is a back room of course, with a tea service to encourage the patron and keeper in their civility. This shop has a retiring area, with a small toilet, sink and fainting couch.


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