to initiate sex with a male virgin…

Do you remember what your first sex encounter was and with whom? Do you remember if it was voluntary, coerced due to peer pressure, or forced? Of course you do. It’s a big thing.

But the factors that are across all those boards are:
1) you feel shy about being naked
2) you are curious about seeing them naked
3) you feel awkward.
4) you may also have the idea that your body is not ok
5) your culture may tell you that sex is evil outside marriage
Sometimes you enjoy it. Sometimes you have an orgasm (no ejaculating is not an orgasm, did you know that?) But mostly you feel awkward and wonder if that’s it. Why does everyone push you into this?
And mostly it’s a 3 minute or less race to put a penis in a vagina.

But the longer you wait, the more nervous you get, and the bigger deal it becomes socially to be a virgin still. And your self esteem suffers as well.

So here are some tips in how to reduce some of the pressure, so you don’t feel like a shaking, nauseous, mess and try to bow out of the experience. But the biggest one is to not go for it all at once. Spread it out over dates, like most people do as teenagers. Don’t try to go from zero to hero in five minutes. That sets you up to fail.
1) how about making a game of some of the foreplay to relax you. Like strip poker or hide and seek.
2) How about doing a strip tease and erotic dancing?
3) Break the experience down into smaller activities. For example, dry humping and massage. It’s a way to get to know your partner’s body without going for the all or nothing of penis/vagina sex.
4) mutual masturbation also helps with that. You get to see your partner’s arousal faces and where they like to be touched, before you do it yourself. Every one is different.
5) oral sex (both partners give and get) first.

With men, especially those who have never had sex before, ejaculation can happen way too quickly. Like running when you have never run before, your skin and muscles are experiencing new sensations. They get all heated up and blow, because you have no other way of dealing with this new stimuli.
So here are a few tips for that:
1) numb the tip of the penis before you have sex. (I do NOT mean with a topical anaesthetic!!) Try ice. Or numb all of you, have a few drinks.
2) use two condoms so you aren’t as sensitive.
But remember, most men will recover their erection fairly quickly. Don’t stop playing with her and you’ll be back in form soon enough. So long as you don’t get upset or worried about it. (a real hard on killer)

If she has more experience (not a virgin too) then let her take the lead. Especially when you come to the point where you are going for entrance to the vagina. Man lays on his back and she sits on him slowly. This might take a couple times, if he ejaculates.

These tips should help 🙂 Have fun!!

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