Lilith – setting the wards

Shall we call her the first scorned woman? Adam was not the world’s best husband, but he was the only one. Didn’t mean he had the right to control her. Maybe she should have taken up seduction like Eve and the serpent had…
But no, Lilith wasn’t like that. She fought for her ways and got mad when they were run over. Like a demon.
So she took it out on others and lost her babies to the angels.
The more they took, the angrier she got.
Her life became about raping and murdering, about kidnapping and torturing.
And in response, the human world had to protect themselves.
Amulets to protect mothers and newborn babies. Circles of salt or chalk to protect horny men from their own bodies in the night.
And she just laughed. Cuzz at the end of their life, when they crossed into the underworld, they had to go thru her anyway. The top gates may be Peter’s, but the bottom were hers and her demon sons. Bwa ha ha ha!!
And it was stacked up against them too, thx to those lofty ideals "the good" put about. She might be written out of all the holy books, but they’d find out about her soon enough. It struck her as funny that they had no idea why they set the wards, but those superstitious humans still did it… They would be hers when they found out their faith had failed them when it most counted. At the moment of death.


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